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pet <br />wOML <br />DIGITAL RECORDING D n <br />CITY COUNCIL JOINT PLANNING SESSION MINUTES <br />Saturday, January 26, 2019 <br />A Joint Planning Session between the City Council, Mayor, and Department Directors of the City of <br />Bremerton was called to order in the Mayor's Council Conference Room 637 of the Norm Dicks <br />Government Center, Bremerton, Washington, on Saturday, January 26, 2019, at 9:00 AM, with Council <br />President Eric Younger presiding. Council Members present were Pat Sullivan, Leslie Daugs, Kevin <br />Gorman, Lori Wheat, Michael Goodnow, and Richard Huddy. Also in attendance were Mayor Greg <br />Wheeler, City Attorney Roger Lubovich, Police Chief Jim Burchett, Interim Fire Chief Pat McGanney, <br />Financial Services Director DeWayne Pitts, Public Works & Utilities Director Chal Martin, City Engineer <br />Tom Knuckey, Public Works Administration Division Manager Milenka Hawkins -Bates, Parks & <br />Recreation Director Jeff Elevado, Community Development Director Andrea Spencer, and Municipal <br />Court Administrator Dawn Nelson. Lori Smith, Legislative Office Manager was present to provide staff <br />support. <br />President Younger welcomed and thanked everyone for taking time on a Saturday to attend the Joint <br />Planning Session. He then began by leading the Council on a review of the Council Rules & <br />Procedures: <br />✓ Several noted housekeeping updates will be made; and <br />✓ Rule 1, Item 7 "Telephonic Appearance" will be reviewed <br />Due to continued interest, he suggested that Council Members review the sections of the document <br />that they wish to bring up further discussion or for consideration of proposed changes at a future <br />Study Session, <br />President Younger then led the Council on a review of the 2018 Council Goals to determine which <br />Goals would move forward; followed by a discussion on additional 2019 Council Goals: <br />1. Local Streets and Sidewalks Improvements Keep for 2019 (Public Works Committee) <br />• Develop a Sidewalk Policy and Work Plan <br />• Action Plan for Local Street Repair <br />• Update Streetlights; Support Development of Master Lighting Agreement <br />• Secure Additional Funding (Finance, Investment & Parking Committee) <br />Per a suggestion by President Younger, he would like to create/change the policy for the City to be <br />100% responsible to repair and replace sidewalks with in-house staff. <br />2. Economic Development Keep for 2019 <br />Suppoft Opportunity Zones designated On the Gity Accomplished <br />• Consider Code Changes to Support Development for: <br />o Wheaton Way Corridor <br />o Callow Business District Site Reuse and Revitalization <br />o East -side Employment Center (Harrison) Study <br />• Review/Revise Guidelines for the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee <br />