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CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br />Wednesday, February 21, 2018 <br />The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order Wednesday, <br />February 21, 2018, at 5:00 PM in Council Conference Room 603 of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT <br />CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, Washington, with Council President Eric Younger <br />presiding. Council Members present were Richard Huddy, Michael Goodnow, Tony Hillman, Kevin <br />Gorman, Leslie Daugs, and Pat Sullivan. Also present were Assistant City Attorney Kylie Purves; <br />City Clerk Shannon Corin; Legislative Assistant Lori Smith; and Kevin Matthew, Information Services <br />Manager. <br />A COUNCIL BRIEFING was held to discuss General Council Business at 5:00 PM in the Council <br />Conference Room. At 5:30 PM the meeting moved to the Meeting Chambers. <br />The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Pat Sullivan followed by the invocation <br />provided by Reverend Walt LeCouteur of the Kitsap Rescue Mission. <br />MAYOR'S REPORT — Mayor Wheeler highlighted the items that he and his staff have focused on <br />the last several weeks; and in addition... <br />• Stated it was a pleasure to greet former Congressman Norm Dicks earlier this afternoon at <br />the unveiling of a new exhibit in his honor; <br />• Attended a Mayor's Exchange on homelessness in Olympia; <br />• Learned the City will receive funding for the Highway 304 Corridor Study; and <br />• Provided an update on the Opportunity Zone Program. <br />PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br />Caroline Stein announced the 61 st Annual Washington State Engineering & Science Fair would be <br />held on March 23 & 24, 2018 at the Bremerton High School. She was proud to note the Fair has <br />been held in Bremerton since the beginning. A full schedule can be found on their website. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />SA— Claims & Check Register: Check Numbers 377605 through 377777, and EFT -18232 through <br />EFT -18269 in the amount of $1,969,510.79; and Regular Payroll for the pay period ending <br />February 15, 2018 in the amount of $809,698.48 <br />513 — Minutes of Meeting — February 7, 2018 <br />5C — Minutes of Joint Planning Session — February 10, 2018 <br />5D — Minutes of Study Session — February 17, 2018 <br />5E — Confirm the Reappointment of Timothy Baker to the Parks & Recreation Commission <br />5F— Confirm the Reappointment of Elizabeth Wrenn to the Parks & Recreation Commission <br />5G — Agreement KC -327-17 with Kitsap County for the Crisis Intervention Training Program <br />5H — Agreement KC -438-17 with Kitsap County for the Provision of Juvenile Detention Facilities <br />51— Memorandum of Agreement between the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the <br />Bremerton Police Department for Narcotics Enforcement, Special Operations Group <br />5J — Purchase of DISCUS/JIS Software from Cities Digital for the Bremerton Municipal Court; and <br />Budget Amendment to the Trial Court Improvement Fund <br />5K— Amendment No. 7 to the Professional Services Agreement with Willis of Seattle for Insurance <br />Broker Services <br />