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DIGITAL RECORDING <br />CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />Wednesday, June 14, 2017 <br />A Study Session of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the Council <br />Conference Room of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, <br />Washington, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at 5:00 PM, with Council President Eric Younger <br />presiding. Council Members present were Richard Huddy, Dino Davis, Greg Wheeler, Jerry <br />McDonald, Leslie Daugs, and Pat Sullivan. Lori Smith, Legislative Assistant, was present to provide <br />staff support. <br />President Younger emphasized that the Study Session was open to the public; there would be <br />no opportunities for input or participation; and announced that approved items by Council will be <br />placed on the June 21, 2017 Council Meeting Agenda or as indicated. <br />A. INFORMATION BRIEFING <br />1. Seattle Colman Dock Preservation Project — Genevieve F. Rucki, WSDOT Design <br />Engineering Manager (sat in for John Vezina, WSDOT Government Affairs Liaison) <br />B. NO PRESENTATION PLANNED —The following items are budgeted items or subjects that <br />have been raised with the appropriate Council Committee Members... <br />1. Confirm Reappointment of Bill Benson to the Community Development Block Grant <br />(CDBG) Project Review Committee Consent Agenda <br />2. Confirm Reappointment of Jordy Andrew to the Community Development Block Grant <br />(CDBG) Project Review Committee Consent Agenda <br />3. Confirm Appointment of Fanny Burdette to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Consent <br />Agenda <br />4. Professional Services Agreement with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. to perform a <br />Compensation Study of Management & Professional, and Teamsters positions Consent <br />Agenda <br />5. Ordinance to amend and re-establish Assessments, Rates, Fees, and Charges <br />established in Ordinance Nos. 5288 and 5314 relating to Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, <br />and other Related Services; and re-establish the General Facilities Charges into Exhibit A <br />Consent Agenda <br />Mayor Lent introduced new City of Bremerton Economic Development Manager Jack Edwards. <br />C. BRIEFINGS & FULL PRESENTATIONS <br />1. Local Agency Contract with Massana Construction, Inc. of Gig Harbor, WA. for the <br />Crownhill Elementary Safe Routes to School Project General Business <br />2. Interlocal Agreement with Mason County for Road and Street Chip Seal Maintenance <br />Services General Business <br />3. Proposed Public Hearing and Resolution to adopt the 2018-2023 Six -Year Transportation <br />Improvement Plan Public Hearing <br />4. Ordinance to amend Chapter 9.92 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) entitled <br />"Chronic Nuisance Properties" Consent Agenda <br />5. Resolution to establish a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)/HOME Housing <br />Rehabilitation/Down Payment Assistance Loan Program Portfolio Management Guide <br />Consent Agenda <br />