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COUNC9L <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING A������,�� <br /> P`i <br /> CITY COUNCIL JOINT PLANNING SESSION MINUTES �EB � , 1016 <br /> Saturday, January 30, 2016 <br /> A Joint Planning Session between the City Council, Mayor, and Department Directors of the City of <br /> Bremerton was called to order in the Mayor's Conference Room located on the 6�h Floor in the Norm <br /> Dicks Government Center located at 345 6th Street, Bremerton, Washington, on Saturday, January <br /> 30, 2016, at 9:00 AM, with Council President Eric Younger presiding. Council Members present were <br /> Pat Sullivan, Leslie Daugs, Jerry McDonald, Greg Wheeler, Dino Davis, and Richard Huddy. Also in <br /> attendance were Mayor Patty Lent, City Attorney Roger Lubovich, Municipal Court Administrator <br /> Dawn Nelson, Interim Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Elevado, Public Works & Utilities Director <br /> Chal Martin, Financial Services Director Cathy Johnson, Police Chief Steven Strachan, Fire Chief AI <br /> Duke, and Community Development Director Andrea Spencer. Lori Smith, Legislative Assistant was <br /> present to provide staff support. <br /> President Younqer welcomed everyone for taking the time on a Saturday afternoon to attend the <br /> Joint Planning Session; and passed out Council Retreat Ground Rules and Council Policy Role. <br /> The following is a summarized list of the subjects and key points that were discussed: <br /> AWC CITY ACTION CONFERENCE BRIEFING: <br /> Leslie Dauqs, Jerrv McDonald, Dino Davis, and Mavor Lent highlighted the issues discussed with <br /> State Legislators while attending the AWC City Legislative Action Conference earlier this week. <br /> President Younqer stated that as Goals are discussed, he will be assigning the appropriate Council <br /> Member or Committee to track its progress... <br /> REVIEW OF 2016 CITY COUNCIL GOALS: <br /> 1) Performance Audit/Review of Fire Department; and 8) Improve Financial Sustainability of <br /> City Parks Both subjects will be monitored by the Public Safety and Parks Committee... <br /> The review of the Fire Department will be provided by a separate organization, and will be done <br /> after the Parks Department review is completed. The "City of Bremerton Parks Staffing Analysis" <br /> was distributed, and it was noted that the search for a replacement Parks Director will be delayed <br /> until completion of the Parks staffing analysis. The City Auditor and Audit Committee will be <br /> asked if they can help with the Department Audit Reviews but it was clarified that this would be a <br /> "work-load analysis" versus a "perf�rmance audiY'; and a timeline for completion was estimated to <br /> be early March. <br /> 2) Social Media <br /> • Address public records requests as newer technology is developed <br /> • Utilize Facebook and Twitter accounts for accurate reporting of crimes rather than just <br /> "posting"comments <br /> It was announced that Kelsie, Lori, and Christine will be the administrators for the City of <br /> Bremerton, but established this would not be in real time. The Police Department and Public <br /> Works will join the main City of Bremerton Facebook page once it is established with the main <br /> purpose of the page being for announcements. It was mentioned that Redmond and Auburn were <br /> examples of cities that deal really well with public records issues involved with social media. The <br /> City's Facebook page will provide information rather than be used as an open forum. <br /> Enhancements to the City's website are needed since there have been complaints by users. <br />