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COUNC6L <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br /> �AN 1 p �Ot6 <br /> Wednesday, January 6, 2016 <br /> The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order Wednesday, <br /> January 6, 2016, 8t 5:00 PM In COUf1Cll C011f2P2f1Ce ROOn'1 603 Of th2 NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, <br /> 345 6�h Street, Bremerton, Washington, with 2015 Council President Greg Wheeler presiding. Council <br /> Members present were Eric Younger, Richard Huddy, Dino Davis, Jerry McDonald, Leslie Daugs, and <br /> Pat Sullivan. Also present were City Attorney Roger Lubovich; City Clerk Shannon Corin; Legislative <br /> Assistant Lori Smith; and Kevin Matthew, Information Services Manager. <br /> A CouNci� BRiEFitv� was held to discuss General Council Business at 5:00 PM in the Council <br /> Conference Room. At 5:30 PM the meeting moved to the Meeting Chambers. <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Pat Sullivan followed by the invocation provided <br /> by Maior Scott Ramsev of the Salvation Army. <br /> COUNCIL OFFICER ELECTIONS <br /> President Wheeler opened nominations for 2016 Council President/Mayor Pro Tempore. <br /> Greq Wheeler nominated Eric Younger. <br /> With no further nominations, President Wheeler asked for a vote by ballot/roll call. <br /> Voted in Favor of Younger: Sullivan, Daugs, McDonald, Wheeler, Davis, Huddy, Younger <br /> By unanimous vote, Eric Younqer was elected Council PresidenUMayor Pro Tempore for the year 2016, <br /> and was seated as the Chair for the remainder of the Meeting. <br /> President Younqer then opened nominations for Council Vice-President. <br /> Leslie Daugs nominated Dino Davis. <br /> With no further nominations, President Younqer asked for a vote by ballot/roll call. <br /> Voted in Favor of: Sullivan, Daugs, McDonald, Wheeler, Davis, Huddy, Younger <br /> By unanimous vote, Dino Davis was elected Council Vice-President for the year 2016. <br /> POLICE OATH OF OFFICE CEREMONY <br /> The Oath of Office Ceremony for Bremerton Police Officer Derek Eide was performed by Bremerton <br /> Municipal Court Judae James Docter. <br /> MAYOR'S REPORT—Mayor Patty Lent... <br /> • Was pleased to report that 683 City permits have been issued; <br /> • Wished Wyn Birkenthal best wishes in his recent retirement; and brought forward Jeff Elevado to <br /> announce that he will take over as Interim Director of the Parks & Recreation Department; <br /> • Mentioned a mixed-use project proposed for 1S�& Pacific that would include Chung's Teriyaki <br /> Express; and the reuse of a building for Fitness Evolution that was now open for business; <br /> • Displayed a map indicating where 2016 Public Works Projects were planned with funds received <br /> from the Bremerton Transportation Improvement Board (TIB); <br /> • Highlighted a number of exciting projects currently in progress including: Carl's Junior 2-story <br /> Restaurant; a new addition at the newly constructed Salvation Army; Spyglass Apartments with 80- <br /> units; 606 Burwell Apartments with 71-units; The Wellington, a 50-unit memory care facility; the <br /> Marvin Williams Recreation & Teen Center; Bremerton Towers with 438-units including retail space; <br />