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0UCI1 <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION MINUTES APR 17 Vij <br /> Wednesday, April 10, 2013 <br /> A Study Session of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the Council <br /> Conference Room of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6 th Street, Bremerton, <br /> Washington, Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at 5 00 PM, with Council President Greg Wheeler <br /> presiding Council Members present were Eric Younger, Carol Arends, Faye Flemister, Wendy <br /> Priest, Adam Brockus, Leslie Daugs, and Jim McDonald Council Member Nick Wofford was <br /> absent Lori Smith, Legislative Assistant, was present to provide staff support <br /> President Wheeler emphasized that the Study Session was open to the public but there would be <br /> no opportunities for input or participation, and announced that approved items by Council will be <br /> placed on the April 17, 2013 Council Meeting Agenda or as indicated <br /> A NO PRESENTATION ITEMS <br /> 1 Bid Award to ROGNLIN's, INC for the Eastside Beach Sewer Main Replacement Project <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> 2 Bid Award for Service Agreement with S VARICK MAINTENANCE for Landscape <br /> Maintenance and Service Consent Agenda <br /> B FULL PRESENTATION ITEMS <br /> 3 Briefing on Summer Passenger Only Ferry Service between Bremerton and Port Orchard <br /> Information Only <br /> 4 Proposed ordinance providing for the Issuance and Sale of two (2) Limited Tax General <br /> Obligation (LTGO) Bonds for the Parking System and Golf Course in the aggregate <br /> principal amount not to exceed $14,500,000, and delegating authority to Mayor or Director <br /> of Financial Services to approve the final terms of the Bonds Consent Agenda <br /> 5 Proposed ordinance establishing a new Chapter 6 10 of the Bremerton Municipal Code <br /> (BMC) entitled "Abandoned Property Registration and Maintenance ", and proposed <br /> resolution amending the Community Development — Rate Table C establishing fines and <br /> penalties for failure to register and maintain abandoned properties General Business <br /> C GENERAL COUNCIL BUSINESS <br /> 1 Public Works Committee Briefing — Adam Brockus, Chair <br /> 2 Public Safety and Parks Committee Briefing — Leslie Daugs, Chair <br /> 3 Discussion on 2014 Council Goals — Council President Wheeler <br /> Topics discussion included refreshing crosswalks near all schools, sidewalks and Safe <br /> Routes to School projects, determining "grant ready" projects, county -wide animal control <br /> ordinance, increasing Street Fund 102, promoting Bremerton's strengths i e excellent <br /> response time of Fire Department, annexation, improving Gateway landscaping, economic <br /> study of fernes, improve marketing for all of Bremerton, pattern Way - finding signage as <br /> proposed by Roger Brooks, building a permanent stage on the Boardwalk to increase <br /> downtown entertainment Final list still TBD <br /> With no further business, President Wheeler adjourned the Council Study Session at 8 15 PM <br /> Immediately following, the Council met for an Exempt Closed Session for an update on "Labor <br /> Negotiations and Proceedings" per RCW 42 30 140(4)(b) No action was taken <br />