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COUNOL <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING MWO <br /> APR 3 2013 <br /> CITY COUNCIL PLANNING SESSION MINUTES <br /> Saturday, March 23, 2013 <br /> A Planning Session between the City Council, Mayor, and Department Directors of the City of <br /> Bremerton was called to order in the Mayor's Conference Room of the NORM DICKs GOVERNMENT <br /> CENTER, 345 6 th Street, Bremerton, Washington, Saturday, March 23, 2013, at 9 00 AM, with <br /> Council President Greg Wheeler presiding Council Members present were Nick Wofford, Eric <br /> Younger, Faye Flemister, Wendy Priest, Adam Brockus, Leslie Daugs, and Jim McDonald <br /> Council Member Carol Arends was absent Also in attendance were Mayor Patty Lent, City <br /> Attorney Roger Lubovich, Municipal Court Administrator Dawn Nelson, Parks & Recreation <br /> Director Wyn Birkenthal, Public Works & Utilities Director Chal Martin, Financial Services Director <br /> Becky Hasart, Police Chief Steven Strachan, Fire Chief Al Duke, Community Development <br /> Director Andrea Spencer, and Code Enforcement Officer Janet Lunceford Lori Smith, Legislative <br /> Assistant, was present to provide staff support <br /> The following topics were discussed <br /> • Proposed new chapter BMC 6 10 regarding Distressed or Vacant Properties and <br /> Foreclosures — Andrea Spencer and Janet Lunceford, Community Development <br /> This item is proposed for the April 10 Study Session and April 17 Council Meeting <br /> Recess from 9 55 to 10 00 AM <br /> • Proposed Rental Property Program — Council Member Eric Younger <br /> This item is proposed for further consideration by the Finance and Public Safety & Parks <br /> Committees <br /> • Proposed Zoning Code Amendment to allow drive- throughs in the Wheaton - Riddell Sub <br /> Area Plan — Council President Greg Wheeler <br /> This item is proposed for further consideration by the Planning Commission <br /> Recess for lunch from 12 20 to 12 50 PM <br /> • Proposed Resolution setting forth an amendment to the Bremerton City Charter for <br /> submission to the voters at the November 5, 2013 General Election to "Eliminate Section <br /> 18 — City Auditor"— Council Member Jim McDonald <br /> This item is proposed for further study and research by the presenter <br /> • Briefing on Ad Hoc Parking Committee — Council Members Leslie Daugs and Adam <br /> Brockus <br /> The committee has since be renamed the "Bremerton Parking Committee" and will meet <br /> bi- monthly, with a structure, mission, and goals & objectives to be established at the next <br /> meeting set for March 26, Any issues determined for further consideration by the full <br /> Council will first be vetted through the Public Safety & Parks Committee <br /> • Notes from Bremerton City Charter Convention — Council Member Faye Flemister [late <br /> addition, at request of citizen] <br /> Council Members were provided a summary of the seven (7) items considered by the <br /> citizen- organized "Bremerton City Charter Convention" held on March 18, 2013 <br />