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GOMM <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING A ® <br /> CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES FEB 2 0 2013 <br /> Wednesday, February 6, 2013 <br /> The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order Wednesday, <br /> February 6, 2013, at 5 00 PM in Council Conference Room 603 of the NORM DICKs GOVERNMENT <br /> CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, Washington, with Council President Greg Wheeler presiding <br /> Council Members present were Nick Wofford, Eric Younger, Carol Arends, Faye Flemister, Wendy <br /> Priest, Adam Brockus, Leslie Daugs, and Jim McDonald Also present were City Attorney Roger <br /> Lubovich, City Clerk Shannon Conn, and Legislative Assistant Lori Smith <br /> A COUNCIL BRIEFING was held to discuss General Council Business at 5 00 PM in the Council <br /> Conference Room A Swearing -In Ceremony was held at 5 15 PM in the Meeting Chambers for <br /> Wendy Priest, appointee to District 4, immediately following was the Council Meeting at 5 30 PM <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Jim McDonald followed by the invocation <br /> provided by Pastor Mark Adrian of Community of Christ at Memorial Lutheran Church <br /> PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br /> Bob Davies hoped that Bremerton would address zoning issues now to be ready to go once the <br /> State and the Federal government has ironed out the issues with the passage of Initiative 502 <br /> Mike Walton YMCA Marketing Director, highlighted the results of the recent membership drive, the <br /> upcoming fundraising event, and new programs and classes being held at the Bremerton Family "Y" <br /> Vern LaPrath expressed his frustration that even after 10 -years of making the request, there are still <br /> no speed humps installed in the Hanford neighborhood <br /> Todd Best thanked Council Member Leslie Daugs for walking the Hanford neighborhood with him <br /> and Mr LaPrath, and encouraged the City to assist their cause in making their streets safer <br /> John Thomas was able to get the potholes on his streets paved, but was surprised to learn a portion <br /> of Cascade Trail Road has not been paved for over 60 -years He also quoted an article in the Kitsap <br /> Sun that mentioned the poor condition of Sheridan Park Recreation Center, and hoped that the City <br /> will address the lack maintenance to buildings owned by the City <br /> Jerry McDonald suggested that the City of Bremerton send a representative to future Port of <br /> Bremerton Commission meetings, increase the relationship with the City of Port Orchard, specifically <br /> related to marketing, and lastly provided a reminder that Roger Brooks was coming back to <br /> Bremerton on Thursday, February 21 at 6 00 to discuss the "13 Impacts of Branding" <br /> Ronnie Croley suggested that the City move the William Bremer Memorial to a more distinguished <br /> location in the City, and pointed out that it is difficult to read the names at the bottom of the USS <br /> Franklin Memorial <br /> MAYOR'S REPORT — Mayor Patty Lent <br /> • Was pleased to announced that the City was working together with the Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & <br /> Convention Bureau to create a map showing the locations of over 100 Memorials around the City, <br /> • Introduced Chal Martin Public Works Director to provide a briefing on several mayor projects <br /> including the Pacific Avenue Reconstruction Project from 6 to 11 Street, the repaving of the <br /> intersection at 11 & Warren Avenue, the one -block project in Manette on East 11 Street, and <br /> the new shelter at Jarstad Park that was a partnership project between the City of Bremerton and <br /> the Kitsap Community Foundation, <br /> • Thanked Joe Hudson, owner of Evergreen Trophy and Kitchen, and would be joining him in the <br /> first Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting with other members of local business owners, <br />