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<br />CODE <br />(Hour) <br />PAGE(S) <br />until local time <br />X <br />A <br />X B <br />X C <br />D <br />EX <br />X <br />G <br />F <br />H <br />RATING PAGE OF PAGES <br />7. ISSUED BY <br />(Date) <br />30-Nov-2017 <br />IMPORTANT - Award will be made on this Form, or on Standard Form 26, or by other authorized official written notice. <br />Previous Edition is Unusable 33-134 STANDARD FORM 33 (REV. 9-97) <br />Prescribed by GSA <br />FAR (48 CFR) 53.214(c) <br />CHARLES D. BENSON <br />122 <br />(If other than Item 7) <br />15A. NAME 16. NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON AUTHORIZED TO <br />AND <br />ADDRESS SIGN OFFER (Type or print) <br />OF <br />OFFEROR <br />* / GOV'T POC <br />AMENDMENT NO. DATE <br />15B. TELEPHONE NO (Include area code)17. SIGNATURE <br />360-473-5296 <br />15C. CHECK IF REMITTANCE ADDRESS <br />IS DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE - ENTER <br />SUCH ADDRESS IN SCHEDULE. <br />18. OFFER DATE <br />CITY OF BREMERTON <br />* <br />100 OYSTER BAY AVE N <br />BREMERTON WA 98312-3455 <br />1. THIS CONTRACT IS A RATED ORDER <br />UNDER DPAS (15 CFR 700) <br />2. CONTRACT NO. <br />N4425518C5002 <br />N44255 8. ADDRESS OFFER TO <br />See Item 7 <br />9. Sealed offers in original and copies for furnishing the supplies or services in the Schedule will be received at the place specified in Item 8, or if <br />handcarried, in the depository located in <br />CAUTION - LATE Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals: See Section L, Provision No. 52.214-7 or 52.215-1. All offers are subject to all terms and <br />conditions contained in this solicitation. <br />10. FOR INFORMATION <br /> CALL: <br />A. NAME (NO COLLECT CALLS) <br />11. TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />SOLICITATION/ CONTRACT FORM <br />SUPPLIES OR SERVICES AND PRICES/ COSTS <br />1 <br />2 <br />X I CONTRACT CLAUSES <br />DESCRIPTION/ SPECS./ WORK STATEMENT X <br />PACKAGING AND MARKING <br />3 - 4 J LIST OF ATTACHMENTS <br />INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE <br />DELIVERIES OR PERFORMANCE <br />5 <br />6 K REPRESENTATIONS, CERTIFICATIONS AND <br />OTHER STATEMENTS OF OFFERORS <br />CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION DATA 7 - 8 <br />SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS <br />OFFER (Must be fully completed by offeror) <br />M <br />L INSTRS., CONDS., AND NOTICES TO OFFERORS <br />EVALUATION FACTORS FOR AWARD <br />NOTE: Item 12 does not apply if the solicitation includes the provisions at 52.214-16, Minimum Bid Acceptance Period. <br />is inserted by the offeror) from the date for receipt of offers specified above, to furnish any or all items upon which prices are offered at the price set opposite <br />each item, delivered at the designated point(s), within the time specified in the schedule. <br />13. DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT PAYMENT <br />(See Section I, Clause No. 52.232-8) <br />14. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF AMENDMENTS(The offeror acknowledges receipt of amendments AMENDMENT NO. DATE <br />to the SOLICITATION for offerors and related <br />documents numbered and dated): <br />04DN7 FACILITY 04DN7 <br />12. In compliance with the above, the undersigned agrees, if this offer is accepted within calendar days (60 calendar days unless a different period <br />SOLICITATION, OFFER AND AWARD <br /> <br />X <br />(X)SEC. DESCRIPTION (X)SEC. DESCRIPTION PAGE(S) <br />PART I - THE SCHEDULE <br />26. NAME OF CONTRACTING OFFICER (Type or print)27. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 28. AWARD DATE <br />EMAIL:TEL: 360-396-0052 (Signature of Contracting Officer) <br />CODE CODE <br />B. TELEPHONE (Include area code)C. E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />AWARD (To be completed by Government) <br />19. ACCEPTED AS TO ITEMS NUMBERED 20. AMOUNT <br />21. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION <br />$864,340.00 EST <br />22. AUTHORITY FOR USING OTHER THAN FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION: <br />X 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)( )1 41 U.S.C. 253(c)( )(4 copies unless otherwise specified) <br />23. SUBMIT INVOICES TO ADDRESS SHOWN IN ITEM <br />24. ADMINISTERED BY (If other than Item 7) CODE 25. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY CODE N68732 <br />DFAS CLEVELAND <br />ACCOUNTS PAYABLE <br />PO BOX 998022 <br />CLEVELAND OH 44199-8022 <br />PART IV - REPRESENTATIO NS AND INSTRUCTIO NS <br />PART III - LIST OF DOCUMENTS, EXHIBITS AND OTHER ATTACHMENTS <br />9 - 21 <br />PART II - CONTRACT CLAUSES <br />NAVFAC NORTHWEST <br />1101 TAUTOG CIRCLE <br />SILVERDALE WA 98315-1101 <br />FAX: <br />TEL: <br />FAX: <br />TEL: <br />NOTE: In sealed bid solicitations "offer" and "offeror" mean "bid" and "bidder". <br />SOLICITATION <br />22 <br />6. REQUISITION/PURCHASE NO.5. DATE ISSUED4. TYPE OF SOLICITATION <br />SEALED BID (IFB) <br />NEGOTIATED (RFP) <br />[ ] <br />[ ] <br />3. SOLICITATION NO. <br />See Item 7