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<br />AMENDMENT OF SOLICITATION/MODIFICATION OF CONTRACT <br />Except as provided herein, all terms and conditions of the document referenced in Item 9A or 10A, as heretofore changed, remains unchanged and in full force and effect. <br />15A. NAME AND TITLE OF SIGNER (Type or print) <br />30-105-04EXCEPTION TO SF 30 <br />APPROVED BY OIRM 11-84 <br />STANDARD FORM 30 (Rev. 10-83) <br />Prescribed by GSA <br />FAR (48 CFR) 53.243 <br />Prepared by: bensoncd <br />This modification is to close an account for water service at Bremerton Airport as shown on the following pages. <br />1. CONTRACT ID CODE PAGE OF PAGES <br />J 12 <br />16A. NAME AND TITLE OF CONTRACTING OFFICER (Type or print) <br />16C. DATE SIGNED <br />BY 21-Aug-2020 <br />16B. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA15C. DATE SIGNED15B. CONTRACTOR/OFFEROR <br />(Signature of Contracting Officer)(Signature of person authorized to sign) <br />8. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (No., Street, County, State and Zip Code) <br />9B. DATED (SEE ITEM 11) <br />X N44255-96-M-2292 <br />10B. DATED (SEE ITEM 13) <br />X <br />9A. AMENDMENT OF SOLICITATION NO. <br />22-Dec-1997 <br />11. THIS ITEM ONLY APPLIES TO AMENDMENTS OF SOLICITATIONS <br />The above numbered solicitation is amended as set forth in Item 14. The hour and date specified for receipt of Offer is extended,is not extended. <br />Offer must acknowledge receipt of this amendment prior to the hour and date specified in the solicitation or as amended by one of the following methods : <br />(a) By completing Items 8 and 15, and returning copies of the amendment; (b) By acknowledging receipt of this amendment on each copy of the offer submitted; <br />or (c) By separate letter or telegram which includes a reference to the solicitation and amendment numbers. FAILURE OF YOUR ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO BE <br />RECEIVED AT THE PLACE DESIGNATED FOR THE RECEIPT OF OFFERS PRIOR TO THE HOUR AND DATE SPECIFIED MAY RESULT IN <br />REJECTION OF YOUR OFFER. If by virtue of this amendment you desire to change an offer already submitted, such change may be made by telegram or letter, <br />provided each telegram or letter makes reference to the solicitation and this amendment, and is received prior to the opening hour and date specified. <br />12. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA (If required) <br />13. THIS ITEM APPLIES ONLY TO MODIFICATIONS OF CONTRACTS/ORDERS. <br />X <br />IT MODIFIES THE CONTRACT/ORDER NO. AS DESCRIBED IN ITEM 14. <br />A. THIS CHANGE ORDER IS ISSUED PURSUANT TO: (Specify authority) THE CHANGES SET FORTH IN ITEM 14 ARE MADE IN THE <br /> CONTRACT ORDER NO. IN ITEM 10A. <br />B. THE ABOVE NUMBERED CONTRACT/ORDER IS MODIFIED TO REFLECT THE ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES (such as changes in paying <br />office, appropriation date, etc.) SET FORTH IN ITEM 14, PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY OF FAR 43.103(B). <br />C. THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO PURSUANT TO AUTHORITY OF: <br />FAr 52.243-1 Changes <br />D. OTHER (Specify type of modification and authority) <br />E. IMPORTANT: Contractor is not, X is required to sign this document and return 1 copies to the issuing office. <br />14. DESCRIPTION OF AMENDMENT/MODIFICATION (Organized by UCF section headings, including solicitation/contract subject matter <br /> where feasible.) <br />10A. MOD. OF CONTRACT/ORDER NO. <br />P00028 <br />2. AMENDMENT/MODIFICATION NO.5. PROJECT NO.(If applicable) <br />6. ISSUED BY <br />3. EFFECTIVE DATE <br />06-Aug-2020 <br />CODE <br />NAVFAC NORTHWEST <br />1101 TAUTOG CIRCLE <br />SILVERDALE WA 98315-1101 <br />N44255 7. ADMINISTERED BY (If other than item 6) <br />4. REQUISITION/PURCHASE REQ. NO. <br />CODE <br />See Item 6 <br />CITY OF BREMERTON <br />DEPARTMENT PUB WORKS UTILITIES <br />CATHERINE JOHNSON <br />100 OYSTER BAY AVE N <br />BREMERTON WA 98312-3455 <br />FACILITY CODE04DN7CODE <br />chuck.benson@navy.milEMAIL:360-315-8317TEL: <br />CHARLES D. BENSON / CONTRACTING OFFICER <br /> Modification Control Number:bensoncd20808