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AGENDA BILL <br />CITY OF BREMERTON 5JCITYCOUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Interlocal Agreement Study Session Date: May 8, 2019 <br />with the Peninsula Regional Transportation COUNCIL MEETING Date: May 15, 2019 <br />Planning Organization Department: Public Works <br />Presenter: Andrea Archer-Parsons <br />Phone: (360) 473-2317 <br />SUMMARY: The Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization (PRTPO) was originally <br />established in 1990 by Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, and Kitsap Counties. The PRTPO has undertaken <br />an update to the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) to reflect statutory and regulatory changes and to <br />address a change in the lead planning agency. WSDOT has been the lead planning agency from <br />1990, but notified PRTPO last summer that effective July 1, 2019 it will no longer fulfill that role; <br />Kitsap Transit has agreed to become the new lead planning organization and Jefferson Transit will <br />be the new fiscal agent. Execution of the ILA will retain Bremerton's full voting rights for matters <br />before the Executive Committee and our seat on the Technical Advisory Committee. <br />ATTACHMENTS: Interlocal Agreement for the Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning <br />Organization <br />FISCAL IMPACTS (Include Budgeted Amount): There are no fiscal impacts. PRTPO does not <br />charge membership fees. <br />STUDY SESSION AGENDA: I=1 Limited Presentation Full Presentation <br />STUDY SESSION ACTION: M Consent Agenda General Business Public Hearing <br />RECOMMENDED MOTION: <br />Move to approve the Interlocal Agreement with the Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning <br />Organization, and authorize the Mayor to finalize and execute the agreement with substantially the <br />same terms and conditions as presented. <br />COUNCIL ACTION: IZ Approve Deny Table Continue No Action <br />Form Updated 01/02/2018