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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, April 15, 2020 <br /> Page 4 of 4 <br /> involvement through meetings with stakeholders and public meetings conducted by the Bremerton <br /> Parks & Recreation Commission. <br /> There were no questions or comments from the public... <br /> 06:55:00 Motion was made by Daugs and seconded by Gorman... Questions and comments were <br /> provided by Daugs, Gorman, Simpson, Goodnow, and Younger; with responses provided by Mr. <br /> Elevado and Mayor Wheeler... <br /> 07:08:00 M/S/C (Daugs/Gorman) Move to authorize the Mayor to enter into the Funding Board <br /> Project Agreement with the State of Washington and the Recreation & Conservation Funding <br /> Board for the Kitsap Lake Park Boat Launch and Floating Dock Replacement Project; and to <br /> finalize and execute the agreement with substantially the same terms and conditions as presented. <br /> Voted in favor of Motion: Sullivan, Daugs, Gorman, Wheat, Goodnow, Younger <br /> Voted opposed to Motion: Simpson <br /> Motion carried; 6-Yes; 1-No <br /> President Younger provided a reminder that no City Council Study Session will be held next <br /> week on April 22; or the 5th Wednesday on April 29; and that an Agenda & Council Packet <br /> will be issued by the end of the month for the next City Council Meeting to be held on <br /> Wednesday, May 6 at 5:30 PM. Whether it will be a virtual meeting is still to be determined <br /> by order of the Governor. <br /> With no further business, President Younger adjourned the Council Meeting at 7:09 PM. <br /> Prepared and Submitted by: <br /> LORI SMITH <br /> Legislative Office Manager <br /> APPROV D by the City Council on the 6' day of May, 2020. <br /> ERIC YOU E ity Council President <br /> Attest: <br /> )J,(,.)• -\,1%-e14\.. <br /> ANGELA HOVER, i y Clerk <br /> EY:AH:ls:cg <br />