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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br />Wednesday, November 7, 2018 <br />Page 2 of 5 <br />6D — Minutes of Budget Workshop — October 25, 2018 <br />6E — Minutes of Budget Workshop — October 30, 2018 <br />6F — Minutes of Budget Workshop — November 1, 2018 <br />6G — Confirm Reappointment of Benjamin Burnette to the Parks & Recreation Commission <br />6H — Salary Study Recommendations for Parks Service Specialist, Street Service Specialist, and <br />Legal Technician; and related Budget Amendment <br />61— Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix, Inc. for the Design of the Ostrich Creek <br />Culverts Replacement Project <br />6J — WSDOT Acquisition of Right -of -Way and Temporary Easement for the SR304 Project for <br />Paving and Curb Upgrades on Burwell Street between Montgomery and Warren Avenues <br />6K— Ordinance No. 5355 amending Bremerton Municipal Code Chapter 3.48 entitled "Utility <br />Taxes", and Chapter 3.86 entitled "Administrative Provisions for Taxes" <br />Roy Runyon referred to Item 6J and asked when the project was to start, and how will disruptions to <br />traffic be minimized? Public Works & Utilities Director Chal Martin responded that he believes the <br />project will begin next summer, and most of the work will be done at night to avoid disruptions to traffic <br />as much as possible. <br />06:13:05 M/S/C/U (Sullivan/Huddy) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />7A — PUBLIC HEARING TO ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 3311 APPROVING THE COMMUNITY <br />DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT (CDBG) AND HOME FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS: Sarah <br />Achaoui, CDBG Program Administrator summarized that on May 16, 2018, City Council approved the <br />2019 CDBG/HOME Policy Plan outlining the CDBG and HOME funding allocation process. Based on <br />that policy, the Project Review Committee has developed 2019 funding recommendations for Council <br />consideration and approval. If approved, these submissions will be sent to the Department of Housing <br />& Urban Development (HUD) in the City's 2019 Annual Action Plan. <br />President Younger opened the public hearing... <br />Roy Runyon provided comments and questions, with Ms. Achaoui providing responses... <br />Heather Wegan, Affiliate Services & Homeownership Manager with Community Frameworks, added <br />a briefing on how the funds were specifically used in their programs. <br />With no further comments received, President Younger closed the Hearing to the public; and opened <br />for discussion with the Council... <br />06:28:42 Motion was made by Goodnow and seconded by Hillman... Comments were made by <br />Hillman; and questions were asked by Huddy; with responses provided by Ms. Wegan... <br />06:35:17 M/S/C/U (Goodnow/Hillman) Move to pass Resolution No. 3311 approving the 2019 funding <br />recommendations to be included in the 2019 Action Plan to HUD; and authorize the Mayor to finalize <br />and execute the agreement with substantially the same terms and conditions as presented. <br />Voted in favor of the Motion: Hillman, Goodnow, Huddy, Sullivan, Younger <br />Abstained: Daugs <br />Motion carried: 5 -Yes; and 1 -Abstention <br />