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1=3sAiaL2■MhEINE 00�►►+Ius�Li�R� <br />ya•r, <br />V, 71 PQ is <br />Reply to: Seattle Office <br />July 30, 2019 <br />Department of Community Development <br />614 Division St. – MS36 <br />Port Orchard, WA 98366 <br />V1.4 E-MAIL TO <br />CompPlcan co.kitsap.w <br />RE: Public Comment for Site-specific Comp flan Amendment 18-00431 (Cleland) <br />Dear DCD and Planning Commission: <br />On behalf our client, the Chico Creek Task Force, we submit the following public comment <br />regarding the proposed site-specific comprehensive plan amendment no. 18-00431 for Ueland <br />Tree Farm LLC. <br />The proposed site-specific comprehensive plan amendment should be denied. The proposed <br />amendment is forbidden by the Growth Management Act's special protections for forest lands of <br />long-term commercial significance and by Kitsap County's regulations for forest and mineral <br />resource lands. <br />I. PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br />Ueland Tree Farm ("Ueland") asks the County to amend its comprehensive plan map to change <br />the current designation of five tax parcels owned by Ucland. Currently, all fine of these tax parcels <br />are designated "Forest Resource Land" in the comp plan. Ueland seeks to have the parcels re- <br />designated "Mineral Resource Overlay." <br />According to Ueland's comp plan amendment application, the five parcels, totaling 96.57 acres, <br />will eventually host a 39.2 -acre basalt quarry. This basalt quarry, designated Quarry C, is one part <br />of a larger, multi -quarry project on the 1,646 -acre Ueland Tree Farm. <br />Ueland has a conditional use permit and a development agreement with the County that allow <br />Ueland to have the multi -quarry project. However, neither of these documents creates a rezone or <br />change to the comp plan. The development agreement specifically says that the County agrees to <br />"consider" (not promise) an amendment to the comp plan to rezone or overlay any forest resource <br />land—but the County is not required to grant any such rezone or overlay. <br />1424 Fourth Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98101 a 25 West Main, Suite 234, Spokane, WA 99201 <br />(206) 264-8600 ■ (877) 264-7220 0 <br />