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DIGITAL RECORDING KL <br /> ROVEO <br /> CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION MINUTES MAY 15 2013 <br /> Wednesday, May 8, 2013 <br /> A Study Session of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the Council <br /> Conference Room of the NORM DicKs GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 a Street, Bremerton, <br /> Washington, Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at 5:00 PM, with Council President Greg Wheeler <br /> presiding. Council Members present were Nick Wofford, Eric Younger, Carol Arends, Faye <br /> Flemister, Wendy Priest, Adam Brockus, and Jim McDonald; and Council Member Leslie Daugs <br /> was absent. Christine Grenier, Council Assistant, was present to provide staff support. <br /> President Wheeler emphasized that the Study Session was open to the public but there would be <br /> no opportunities for input or participation; and announced that approved items by Council will be <br /> placed on the May 15; 2013 Council Meeting Agenda or as indicated. <br /> A. INFORMATION ITEM — Briefing on new Armed Forces Day Parade Route <br /> B. NO PRESENTATION ITEMS <br /> 1. Renewal of Pollution Liability Insurance with Illinois Union Insurance Company for 2013 — <br /> 2016 Consent Agenda <br /> 2. Renewal of Service Contract with Bank of America for Banking Services Consent Agenda <br /> 3. Extension of Interiocal Agreement with Kitsap County Administration Services for Court <br /> Security Services Consent Agenda <br /> 4. Contract Award to JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. for the purchase of 12.5% Bulk Sodium <br /> Hypochlonte Solution for the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant Consent Agenda <br /> 5. Contract Award to Stripe Rite Inc. for Installation of Hot-Applied Street Traffic Markings <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> 6. Professional Services Agreement with Parametnx, Inc. for Consultant Services for the <br /> Washington Avenue Sewer Improvement Project Consent Agenda <br /> 7. Schedule 74 Conversion Construction Agreement with Puget Sound Energy in conjunction <br /> with the Pack Avenue — e to 11 Street Project May 22 Study Session <br /> C. FULL PRESENTATION.ITEMS <br /> 8. Contract Award for Construction of the Pacific Avenue — e to 11 Street Project May 22 <br /> Study Session <br /> Council recessed from 6.18 to 6.31 P.M. <br /> 9. Review of Proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the period 2014 through 2019 <br /> Information only <br /> D. GENERA. COUNCIL BUSINESS <br /> 1. ' Postponed undi May 22 <br /> 2. Other General Council Business was discussed. <br />