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DIGITAL RECORDING aft <br /> CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br /> June 15, 2011 AL 0 $ 2011 <br /> The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the City <br /> Council Conference Room 603, of the NOW DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6th Street, <br /> Bremerton, Washington, Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at 5 00 PM, with Council President Will <br /> Maupin presiding Council Members present were Nick Wofford, Carol Arends, Dianne Robinson, <br /> Greg Wheeler, Roy Runyon, Adam Brockus, Cecil McConnell, and Jim McDonald Also present <br /> were City Attorney Roger Lubovich, City Clerk Carol Etgen, and Legislative Assistant Lori Smith <br /> A COUNCIL BRIEFING was then held to discuss General Council Business at 5 00 PM in the Council <br /> Conference Room At 5 30 PM the meeting moved to the Meeting Chambers <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Jim McDonald followed by the invocation <br /> provided by Pastor Roger Hennigan of Apostolic Life Tabernacle <br /> MAYOR'S REPORT — Mayor Lent <br /> • Presented a Mayor's Appreciation Award to local artist Gerald Wright for his generosity <br /> in donating his painting titled "A Perfect Balance" to the City of Bremerton, <br /> • Proclaimed July 2011 as "Parks & Recreation Month ", and brought forward Jeff <br /> Elevado of the Parks & Recreation Department to accept the proclamation, as well as to <br /> provide highlights of Park's Department events and activities taking place this summer, <br /> • Recognized the members of the City's Street Department for all of their efforts, <br /> • Thanked all of the members of the Ferry Lobbying Committee including Council Member <br /> Adam Brockus <br /> • Announced that the Bremerton Bar & Grill will be hosting a fundraiser this Saturday <br /> evening from 5 00 to 8 00 PM to benefit the USGA Junior Amateur Golf Tournament, <br /> • Announced that the United Way "Day of Canng "will be held on Wednesday, June 22, <br /> • Proclaimed July 4, 2011 as "Independence Day" in the City of Bremerton, <br /> • Looked forward to the Grand Opening of the new Rice Fergus Miller office on June 24, <br /> • Hoped people would try Sabaidee, a new restaurant serving Thai and Lao cuisine, and <br /> • Encouraged the public to attend the South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) Open House <br /> tomorrow, June 16, from 5 00 to 7 00 PM in the Meeting Chambers <br /> PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br /> Lena Swanson asked for consideration from the City for more flower baskets on Callow and <br /> better care of the Pendergast Dog Park, considered withdrawing from the District 6 candidacy, and <br /> suggested the City license bikes <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> A Check Numbers 343469 through 343646, and EFT -10938 through EFT -10975 in the amount <br /> of $3,905,511 82, Regular Payroll for the pay period ending May 31, 2011 in the amount of <br /> $767,79208 <br /> B Minutes of Meeting — June 1, 2011 <br /> C Minutes of Study Session — June 8, 2011 <br /> D Appointment of Jeremy Southerland to the Design Review Board <br /> E Reappointment of David Dinkuhn to the Design Review Board <br /> F Appointments of Carolyn Neal, Deborah Housen, and Michelle Tomlinson to the Lodging Tax <br /> Advisory Committee <br /> G Bid Award to Fields Roof Service, Inc for the West Section Roof Replacement at the Police <br /> Facility located at 1025 Burwell Street <br />