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DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br /> Wednesday, July 17, 2019 <br /> The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order Wednesday, <br /> July 17, 2019, at 5:00 PM in Council Conference Room 603 of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT <br /> CENTER, 345 691 Street, Bremerton, Washington, with Council Vice-President Leslie Daugs <br /> presiding. Council Members present were Richard Huddy, Michael Goodnow, Lori Wheat, and <br /> Pat Sullivan. Council President Eric Younger and Council Member Kevin Gorman were absent. <br /> Also present were City Attorney Roger Lubovich; City Clerk Angela Woods; Legislative Office <br /> Manager Lori Smith; and Information Services Manager Dave Sorensen. <br /> A COUNCIL BRIEFING was held to discuss General Council Business at 5:00 PM in the Council <br /> Conference Room. At 5:30 PM the meeting moved to the Meeting Chambers. <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Pat Sullivan followed by the invocation <br /> provided by Pastor Pat Longstroth of the Bremerton United Methodist Church. <br /> MAYOR'S REPORT Mayor Wheeler... <br /> • Encouraged interested persons to contact Sherryl Hawes of the Bremerton Housing <br /> Authority at (360) 616-7121 to check on their income eligibility to see if they qualify for the <br /> Bremerton Rental Assistance Program or for more information; <br /> • Announced the City's partnership with Community Frameworks to provide a Down Payment <br /> Assistance Program; <br /> • Brought forward Police Chief James Burchett and Police Officer Mitchell Chapman to <br /> provide a briefing on the new "BPD Safe Place" program that will launch tomorrow in <br /> partnership with Bremerton businesses and schools; <br /> • Introduced Public Works & Utilities Director Thomas Knuckey to discuss the highlights of <br /> the proposed Warren Avenue Bridge Improvement Project; <br /> • Was pleased that the City was partnering with Kitsap Public Health to test the City's sewer <br /> system near Kitsap Lake to assess if the City sewer system is working correctly; and <br /> • Announced that the first Permanent Speed Feedback Sign was installed on Lebo Boulevard. <br /> PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br /> Anna Mockler thanked the City Council, Mayor and Parks Director for correcting the safety <br /> issues at Haddon Park. <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> 5A — Claims & Check Register: Check Numbers 385154 through 385335, and EFT-V20017 <br /> through EFT-V20074 in the amount of $2,681,423.39; and Regular Payroll (Pay Outs <br /> and Missed Overtime) for the pay period ending June 30, 2019 in the amount of <br /> $2,762.16 <br /> 5B — Minutes of Meeting — July 3, 2019 <br /> 5C — Minutes of Special Meeting & Study Session —July 10, 2019 <br /> 5D — Confirm Appointment of Beverly Kincaid to the Civil Service Commission <br /> 5E — Purchase Agreement with Trebron Company, Inc. to Upgrade the SOPHOS Firewall and <br /> Renew the License <br /> 5F — Interlocal Agreement with Mason County and Port of Bremerton for Design Oversight of <br /> the Puget Sound Industrial Center— Bremerton to Belfair Sewer Connection Project <br />