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DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br /> Wednesday, July 20, 2016 <br /> The weekly meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order Wednesday, <br /> July 20, 2016, at 5:00 PM in Council Conference Room 603 of the NoRnn DICKS GOVERNMENT <br /> CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, Washington, with Council President Eric Younger presiding. <br />, Council Members present were Richard Huddy, Dino Davis, Greg Wheeler, Jerry McDonald, Leslie <br /> Daugs, and Pat Sullivan. Also present were Assistant City Attorney Kylie Purves; City Clerk <br /> Shannon Corin; Legislative Assistant Lori Smith; and Kevin Matthew, Information Services Manager. <br /> A CouNci� BRiEFiN� was held to discuss General Council Business at 5:00 PM in the Council <br /> Conference Room. At 5:30 PM the meeting moved to the Meeting Chambers. <br /> The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Pat Sullivan followed by the invocation <br /> provided by Pastor Denis Huelle of Peace Lutheran Church. <br /> POLICE OATH OF OFFICE CEREMONY <br /> Police Chief Steven Strachan brought forward Municipal Court Judqe James Docter to <br /> administer the Oath of Office promoting Police Officer Randy Plumb to Lieutenant. <br /> MAYOR'S REPORT <br /> In the absence of Mayor Lent, President Younqer invited Bryan McConauqhv, Senior Local <br /> Government Affairs Representative of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and Patti McClements, <br /> Community Services Manager to provide an update on the upcoming energy conservation "Sweeps <br /> Campaign". <br /> POLICE DEPARTMENT BRIEFING <br /> Police Chief Steven Strachan used a Power Point presentation to highlight trends, statistics, and <br /> police activity for the Month of June and early July. Council Member Daugs and McDonald <br /> expressed thanks, appreciation, and pride with the City's Police and Fire Departments... President <br /> Younger, on behalf of the whole Council, agreed with the sentiments... <br /> PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br /> Beckv Tatman distributed packets of information on behalf of Tarra Simmons, the Kitsap County <br /> Director of Civil Survival, which summarized the organization's mission to "Ban the Box" which they <br /> believe creates "barriers to employment and housing facing those with a criminal history", and hoped <br /> the City of Bremerton would support their efforts. President Younqer thanked Ms. Tatman for <br /> bringing this proposal before the Council, indicated that the information would be reviewed, and that <br /> a written response would be provided. <br /> Peqqi Erickson agreed with the mission of Civil Survival and urged the City to support them. <br /> Rav Garrido also encouraged the Council to please seriously consider this proposal which doesn't <br /> guarantee a job, but simply allows a person the chance for an interview; and emphasized that other <br /> local municipalities will be asked for their support. He also expressed his appreciation to Chief <br /> Strachan and the Police Department for the work they do, pointing out that a gang issue was very <br /> prevalent in the early 80's, but Bremerton established a drug task force that worked to build trust in <br /> the community, and what we see today is a "carry forward" of whaYs happened over the years, and <br /> is continuing to happen under Chief Strachan. <br /> Karen Varqas also expressed support for"banning the box", stressing that provides an opportunity <br /> for someone who has served their time to gain employment and housing, which empowers them to <br /> care for themselves and their families, and to give back to the community. <br />