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DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br /> Wednesday, July 13, 2016 <br /> A Study Session of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the Council <br /> Conference Room of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, <br /> Washington, Wednesday, July 13, 2016, at 5:00 PM, with Council Vice President Dino Davis <br /> presiding. Council Members present were Richard Huddy, Greg Wheeler, Jerry McDonald, <br /> Leslie Daugs, and Pat Sullivan. Council President Eric Younger was absent. Lori Smith, <br /> Legislative Assistant, was present to provide staff support. <br /> Vice President Davis emphasized that the Study Session was open to the public but there <br /> would be no opportunities for input or participation; and announced that approved items by <br /> Council will be placed on the July 20, 2016 Council Meeting Agenda or as indicated... <br /> A. NO PRESENTATION PLANNED— The following items are budgeted items or subjects that <br /> have been raised with the appropriafe Council Committee Members... <br /> 1. Proposed Public Hearing for the 2016 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant <br /> (JAG) Public Hearing <br /> 2. Contract with Kitsap County Human Services Department to provide Crisis <br /> InterventionlTriage Training to Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and for the <br /> Purchase of Tablets Consenf Agenda <br /> 3. Resolution approving Phase 2 of the Bayside Final Plat located off of Anderson Hill <br /> Road Consent Agenda <br /> 4. Purchase Agreement with Trebron Company, Inc. to Upgrade and Replace the City of <br /> Bremerton's Main Firewall with Saphos SG 450 Consent Agenda <br /> 5. Contract with Fields Roof Service, Inc. for the Police Facility East Section Roof <br /> Replacement Consent Agenda <br /> 6. Resolution authorizing the Mayor to make a formal Application to the Salmon Recovery <br /> Funding Board (SRFB)for Grant Assistance for Northlake Way Consent Agenda <br /> 7. Resolution authorizing the Mayor to make a formal Application to the Salmon Recovery <br /> Funding Board (SRFB)for Grant Assistance for Parish Creek Consenf Agenda <br /> 8. Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for the Ostrich Bay Creek Retrofit <br /> Plan Design Project Consent Agenda <br /> 9. Contract with AES Consultants, Inc. for Outfall Surveys to meet Department of Natural <br /> Resources Permit Renewal Requirements Consent Agenda� <br /> 10. Purchase Agreement with North Coast Electric for two (2)Allen-Bradley 200 H.P. <br /> Variable Frequency Drives for Pump Station CE-4 Consent Agenda <br /> 11. Energy Efficiency Grant from the Department of Commerce for the Puget Sound Energy <br /> (PSE) Street Light LED Retrofit Project Consent Agenda <br /> B. BRIEFINGS 8� FULL PRESENTATIONS <br /> 1. Amendment No. 2 to the Professional Services Agreement with Imperial Parking for <br /> Parking Enforcement and Services General Business <br /> Vice President Davis called a 10-minute recess from 6:34 to 6:44 PM... <br />