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J �'�R6e.1,,.;,, <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING ���0�'���' <br /> �R�11Y� <br /> CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES �OV l 8 1 <br /> Tuesday, November 10, 2015 015 <br /> A Special Meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the Council <br /> Conference Room of the NORM DicKs GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6'h Street, Bremerton, <br /> Washington, on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at 5:00 PM, with Council President Greg Wheeler <br /> presiding. Council Members present were Eric Younger, Dino Davis, Jerry McDonald, Leslie <br /> Daugs, and Pat Sullivan. Council Member Roy Runyon was absent. Lori Smith, Legislative <br /> Assistant, was present to provide staff support. <br /> President Wheeler emphasized that the Special Meeting was open to the public but there would <br /> be no opportunities for input or participation; and announced that approved items by Council will <br /> be placed on the November 18, 2015 Council Meeting Agenda; or as indicated. <br /> A. NO PRESENTATION PLANNED — The following items are budgeted items or subjects that <br /> have been raised with the appropriate Council Committee Members... <br /> 1. Purchase of two Emergency Generators from Cummins NW for Pump Stations OB-6 and <br /> EB-3 Consent Agenda <br /> 2. Professional Services Agreement with KPG Interdisciplinary Design for design of the <br /> Crownhill Elementary Sidewalk Project Consent Agenda <br /> 3. Professional Services Agreement with KPG Interdisciplinary Design for design of the <br /> Highway Safety Improvements Project Phase 2 Project ConsentAgenda <br /> 4. Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 4875 and 5226 to extend the term of the Puget Sound <br /> Energy Franchise Agreement to November 30, 2017 Consent Agenda <br /> B. BRIEFINGS & FULL PRESENTATIONS <br /> 5. Ordinance providing for the Issuance and Sale not to exceed $4,500,000 Principal Amount <br /> of Unlimited Tax General Obligation Bonds; and Delegating Authority to Approve Final <br /> Bond Terms Consent Agenda on December 2, 2015 <br /> 6. Proposed Public Hearing to adopt a Resolution approving the 2016-2020 Kitsap County/ <br /> City of Bremerton Regional Consolidated Plan Public Hearing <br /> 7. Proposed Public Hearing to adopt a Resolution approving the 2016 Community <br /> Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Funding Recommendations to be included <br /> in the 2016 CDBG/HOME Action Plan sent to the Department of Housing 8� Urban <br /> Development (HUD) Public Hearing <br /> 8. Resolution making a Declaration of Substantial Need for Purposes of Setting the Limit <br /> Factor for the General Property Tax Levy and EMS Levy for 2016 Special Meeting on <br /> November 23, 2015 <br /> 9. Ordinance levying Property Taxes for Collection in 2016 Special Meefing on November <br /> 23, 2015 <br /> 10. Resolution re-establishing and amending City Rates and Fees for 2016 General Business <br /> 11. Ordinance amending Chapters 15.01 and 15.06 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) <br /> and Ordinance No. 5265 relating to Assessments, Rates, Fees, and Charges for Water, <br /> Wastewater, Stormwater Services General Business <br />