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AUG 0 8 2019 <br /> DIGITAL RECORDING <br /> CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES MW <br /> July 22, 2011 VRft <br /> The Special Meeting of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the First Floor <br /> Meeting Chambers of the NOW DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6 th Street, Bremerton, Washington, <br /> Friday, July 22, 2011, at 2 00 PM, with Council President Will Maupin presiding Council Members <br /> present were Nick Wofford, Carol Arends, Dianne Robinson, Greg Wheeler, Adam Brockus, Cecil <br /> McConnell, and Jim McDonald Council Member Roy Runyon was absent Assistant City Attorney <br /> Ken Bagwell, City Clerk Carol Etgen, and Legislative Assistant Lori Smith were present to provide <br /> staff support <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 5155, ESTABLISHING A MORATORIUM ON METHADONE TREATMENT <br /> FACILITIES WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS OF BREMERTON Ken Bagwell Assistant City Attorney, <br /> explained that the City is facing potential applications for development of Methadone Treatment <br /> Facilities within the City The Bremerton Municipal Code does not adequately address the placement <br /> of these uses and the impacts that these uses may present, and the City does not currently have <br /> sufficient regulations to properly review and consider methadone treatment facilities The City <br /> Council finds that the protection of the health, safety, and welfare supports imposing a moratorium on <br /> the acceptance of all applications for any building, land use, or development permit or approval under <br /> the Bremerton Municipal Code for methadone treatment facilities within the City of Bremerton until <br /> additional review has been completed and any necessary code revisions have been adopted by the <br /> Bremerton City Council The moratorium would be in affect for 6- months, and may be renewed <br /> following another hearing There is no limit to the number of moratoriums established <br /> President Maupin understood that it was not possible for the City to actually "prohibit" a methadone <br /> clinic Mr. Bagwell responded that was correct, and elaborated further by stating the City does not <br /> have the ability to prohibit a methadone treatment facility because the State of Washington has <br /> specifically taken jurisdiction over this type of treatment facility so the most a City can do is to take <br /> this type of action [establishing a moratorium] to allow time to review it's current codes and <br /> ordinances regarding zoning issues <br /> Andrea Spencer explained this became an issue due to the way Council has passed zoning <br /> regulations Currently, this type of proposal would fall under the category of a "medical office ", which <br /> has a very broad definition The moratorium would allow time for the Council to establish a new <br /> definition of what a methadone treatment facility would be, establish potential review criteria, approval <br /> processes that might be used to review them, including the use of a Hearing Examiner if that is a <br /> direction the Council chose to go, and to allow additional opportunities for public comment Ms. <br /> Spencer summarized that it was a Council decision to legislate the application process, and the use <br /> of a moratorium allows an opportunity to write new land use regulations, improve the process, and <br /> better define methadone /opiate treatment facilities <br /> President Maupin clarified that the purpose of the Special Meeting today was not to address whether <br /> or not there should be a methadone clinic, but rather if there should be a moratorium He then <br /> opened the meeting for public comments, which are summarized below <br /> Beth Shea Echo Artworks, presented a poster of the original Charleston Community Plan that was <br /> first proposed by the City in 1987 to remind the Council that the City's 20 -year vision for the area did <br /> not include a methadone clinic <br /> Robert Parker The Printer People, has done some of his own research, and although he is not <br /> against this type of facility, he did not believe the correct approach has been taken to address such a <br /> serious issue and does not believe the City is ready to deal with the problems it can bring <br /> Gentry Lange Hi- Fidelity Lounge, discussed the current problems of the area, specifically the alley <br /> directly behind his establishment where frequent prostitution and drug use takes place, therefore he <br />