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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, June 5, 2019 <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> 5D — Ordinance No. 5367 amending Ordinance No. 5360 relating to the City of Bremerton Fiscal Year <br /> 2019 Budget <br /> 5E — Amendment No. 1 to Goods & Services Agreement with S. Varick Maintenance for Landscape <br /> Maintenance and Services <br /> 5F — Equipment Services Building Addition Project Agreement with DP Wain Construction Inc. <br /> 5G — Agreement with Pape & Sons Construction, Inc. for the 2019 Sewer Pump Station CW-4 <br /> Replacement Project <br /> There were no questions or comments from the public... <br /> 05:56:50 M/S/C/U (Daugs/Gorman) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented. <br /> GENERAL BUSINESS <br /> 6A — ORDINANCE NO. 5368 ADDING NEW CHAPTER 6.20 TO THE BREMERTON MUNICIPAL <br /> CODE REGULATING THE DISTRIBUTION OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC AND BIODEGRADABLE <br /> CARRYOUT BAGS: Milenka Hawkins-Bates, Public Works Operations Manager summarized that <br /> using the input received from the public, Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC), and City <br /> representatives, the attached draft ordinance was crafted and reviewed by City and County staff. With <br /> Council, public, and SWAC input in-hand, the proposed draft ordinance was crafted to include the <br /> following: <br /> • For each recycled paper carryout bag provided by the retail establishments, it may collect a pass- <br /> through charge, and such shall be clearly indicated on the customers transaction receipt. <br /> It was noted that a plastic bag ban bill is making its way through the state legislative process, which would <br /> prohibit the use of single-use plastic carryout bags and require a charge of 8 cents ($.08) on all paper <br /> carryout bags statewide. Lastly, it was added that Kitsap County will be performing outreach to all <br /> businesses and will embark on an outreach campaign; and Pat Campbell, Kitsap County Public Works <br /> Senior Program Manager was available for questions. <br /> Providing comments in support of the Ordinance: Alejandra Pulido, sophomore student from Bremerton <br /> High School, read a statement into the record; Casandra Fery, also from Bremerton High School; <br /> Heather Trim, Executive Director with Zero Waste Washington; and Holly Chisa with the Northwest <br /> Grocery Association. <br /> 06:10:45 Motion was made by Daugs; and seconded by Wheat... Comments and questions were <br /> provided by Daugs, Wheat, Sullivan, Gorman, Huddy, Goodnow, and Younger; with responses provided <br /> by Ms. Hawkins-Bates, Ms. Chisa, and Chris Piercy, Kitsap County Public Works Program <br /> Supervisor... <br /> 06:38:08 M/S/C (Daugs/Wheat) Move to pass Ordinance No. 5368 adding new Chapter 6.20 to the <br /> Bremerton Municipal Code regulating distribution of single-use plastic and biodegradable carryout bags. <br /> Voted in favor of Motion: Daugs, Gorman, Wheat, Goodnow, Huddy, Younger <br /> Voted opposed to Motion: Sullivan <br /> Motion carried: 6-Yes; and 1-No <br /> 6B — ACCEPTANCE OF THE U.S. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM (STP) GRANT; AND <br /> APPROVAL OF THE LOCAL AGENCY AGREEMENT WITH WSDOT FOR THE WASHINGTON <br /> AVENUE & l lTN STREET ROUNDABOUT PROJECT: Tom Knuckev, Interim Public Works Director <br /> and City Engineer, used a Power Point to report that the City was offered a United States Surface <br /> Transportation Program (STP) Grant through the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to design and <br /> construct a roundabout at the west end of the Manette Bridge, along with full street reconstruction from <br /> the roundabout north and west to Pacific Avenue. The grant funds total $4,152,000 and require a City <br />