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City Council Study Session Minutes <br /> Wednesday, May 22, 2019 <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br /> 8. Proposed Public Hearing on an Ordinance amending Title 20 of the Bremerton Municipal Code <br /> related to "Manufactured Homes" and "Group Residential Facilities" (2) Public Hearings <br /> B. INFORMATION BRIEFING <br /> 1. Discussion on Streets and Sidewalks — City Engineer Tom Knuckey; and Public Works <br /> Operations Manager Milenka Hawkins-Bates Information Only <br /> C. GENERAL COUNCIL BUSINESS <br /> o Finance, Investment & Parking Committee Briefing (05/20/19 Special Meeting) — Chair Michael <br /> Goodnow <br /> Council Member Goodnow left the meeting at 8:08 PM... <br /> o Public Works Committee Briefing (05/21/19 Meeting) — Chair Kevin Gorman <br /> o Audit Committee Briefing (05/21/19 Special Meeting) — Chair Leslie Daugs <br /> o Other General Council Business was also briefly discussed. <br /> President Younger announced an Executive Session at 8:15 PM; and that no action was anticipated <br /> D. EXECUTIVE SESSION <br /> o 20-Minutes to discuss a Real Estate Transaction as allowed under RCW 42.30.110(1)(b); and <br /> Potential Litigation as allowed under RCW 42.30.110(1)(i). <br /> President Younger announced the Executive Session was extended 10-minutes; 5-minutes; and <br /> then 5-minutes.... the meeting was called back to order at 8:55 PM... <br /> President Younger announced that following adjournment of the Study Session, Council would meet <br /> in an Exempt Closed Session to discuss "Labor Negotiations or Proceedings"as allowed under RCW <br /> 42.30.140 (4)(b), and that no action was anticipated. <br /> Council Member Gorman left the meeting at 8:55 PM... <br /> With no further business, President Younger adjourned the Council Study Session at 8:55 PM. <br /> Prepar-at and Submitted by: <br /> � � • F <br /> LO'I SMITH <br /> Legislative Office Manager <br /> APPROVED by the City Council on the 5th day of June, 2019. <br /> Eric Younge , Counc. esident <br /> ATTEST: <br /> ifs, )110 <br /> Angela oods, City Clerk <br />