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CITY COUNCIL, 345 611 Street, Suite 100, Bremerton, WA 9833,7 Phone (3601), 473-5280 <br />April 12, 20,19 <br />Ms, Usa Gordon <br />c/o Bremerton High School <br />1500 13 1h Street <br />Bremerton, WA 98337-1300, <br />RE: Bremerton High School Youth Council Members Anarnae Gatchaflan; Jada Cru'z; Chloe Painter; <br />Erika Bowers; YaMauris Irving; Joash Smith; John Paul Tapangm, and Andrea Wiren <br />Shortly after meeting wrath all of you on January 23, the Councils participated in a Joint Planning <br />Session to establish, its 201'9 City Council Goals & Priorities (please see attached). You will note <br />that the Bremerton, High School Youth Advisory Council isspecifically listed Under Goal 7 to <br />"Increase Public Outreach", In addition, several other issues brought up by YOU for diiscuss,ion, <br />during that meeting (including the subjects of potholes, homelessness, and annexation of Rocky <br />Point) are 21SO included in our list, <br />�For our next Study Sess,io�n, on, Wednesday, Aprfl 24, 20191, we have set aside one-hour from 4-1 O to <br />5;010 PM to meet with, you again so that we can continue our discussion, together, and to hear any <br />other suggestions your may have, And after reviewing the attached list of Goals & Priorifies, we are <br />also interested to, know of any questions You may have, including about the progress, we have made <br />thus far toward achievement. Especially desired are any suggestions you may have to help us <br />achieve our Goals, <br />On behalf of the Council Meirribers, Mayor Wheeler, and City Department Heads�, we are looking <br />forward to meet�ing with you agilain. <br />Yours truly, <br />