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City Council Joint Planning Workshop Minutes <br />Saturday, January 26, 2018 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />Council offered their support for efforts by Mayor Wheeler, who will be following Legislative Sessions <br />that include discussions offering assistance that promote small new businesses. <br />Regarding repurposing vacant commercial structures, Fire Chief McGanney joined in the discussion <br />on fire sprinklers, acknowledging they are expensive, but they save lives. Mayor Wheeler <br />recommends that the Council not lower the current requirements. Chief McGanney addressed the <br />inquiry of whether or not there are other more affordable plan options that do not lower the standards, <br />stating that it all depends on the type of business, and whether or not there will be high occupancy <br />(i.e. a restaurant), which require multiple exits, versus a business with a smaller occupancy (i.e. a <br />)outique). Council inquired about the possibility of being able to offer a tax break or other similar <br />incentive as was applied for the B&O tax exemption. City Attorney Roger Lubovich added it would <br />require a "class" to be created that would apply the same criteria. Council agreed that they wanted <br />more research for possible B&O and other tax incentives for vacant buildings. <br />It was suggested that a program called "Spaceworks Tacoma —Vacancy to Vitality' could be explored <br />as a possible economic development and revitalization tool that is currently being used successfully in <br />Tacoma, could be used in Bremerton. Mayor Wheeler offered to explore this concept further. <br />3. Improve lntra-City Traffic Flow and Reduce Parking Congestion Keep for 2019 <br />• Implement Parking Plan Strategies (Includes on -going review at the Committee level) <br />• Work with Kitsap Transit to Improve Public Transportation in Bremerton <br />Mayor Wheeler discussed proposed updates to the enforcement process, including the <br />implementation of a new data collection tool that will be ready by October 1 for a 90-day testing <br />period. This will provide the technology to gather all the data needed to know where changes are <br />necessary. <br />4. Code Enforcement Keep for 2019 <br />• Review Noise Ordinance <br />It was suggested that Council continue to review and support all current ordinances that ensure <br />enforcement... Mayor Wheeler also added that he is working with the Neighborhood Block Watch <br />Captains to address the Hate Flyers. <br />6. Qualify Affordable Housing <br />• Rental Housing Safety Program <br />• Continue connection with Bremerton Housing Authority and Kitsap Community Resources <br />• Explore opportunities with other stakeholders <br />• As a member of the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, work collaboratively on a <br />County -wide response to homeless issues <br />Additional comments included ways to do more to help the homeless not only to help them, but <br />because they can be an impediment to a strong business climate in the downtown. Council agreed <br />that a transitional housing program (outside of the downtown area) would not simply feed the <br />