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N68436-20170601-2066 <br />MUTUAL -AID. AOREMWXT' <br />BETWEEN <br />COMMANDER, NAVY REGION `NORTHWEST <br />1100 Hunley Road, Silverdale, WA 9.8315 <br />..AND <br />CITY OF BREMERTON FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />NORTH KItSAP FIRE AND RESCUE <br />CENTRAL KITSAP.FIRE AND RESCUE <br />SOUTH KITSAP . FIRE- 1Q.M R.2SCUE. <br />.BAINBRIDGE ISLAND.FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />POULSBO.- FIRE:, DISTRICT 1.8 <br />KITS.AP COUNT.Y.,.OFFICE.'OF THE FIRE MARSHAL <br />FOR <br />THE PROVISION OF FIRE PROTEQTION.AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES' <br />COMNAVRJEG NW <br />7050. <br />Ser N81 <br />This agreement,, entered into this 2r! of March 2018,.by and <br />between Commander, .Navy Region Northwest (COMNAVREG NW), on <br />behalf of Commanding officer, Naval Base KitzaP (14BX) , Bremerton <br />Fire Department, North Kitsap Fire and Rescue, Central k-itsap <br />Fire and Rescuej South K�ts'ap Fire and Res -cue, Bainbridge. Is -land <br />Fire.Ddpartment, Poulsbo Fire District 18,.and Kitsap County <br />Of , fice Of:The 'Fire Marshal, (hereinafter, "Kiti3ap County ]Fire <br />Protection Agencies") acting the. .authority of 42 <br />U.S.C. -§ 185.6.q, DoDI.,6., and OPNAVINST a.1320.23G,. is for <br />the'pUrpose:of providing the.benefitsof mutual aid to the other <br />entity, for the protection of life and property from wild land <br />fires, -as well as firefighting and f.1 firefi ire suppression support.. <br />.' t - <br />The anticipated support includes; but is not limited to; <br />emergency servicts.of-basic medical support, basic and advanced <br />, hazardous material containment and confinement, <br />and special rescue events involving vehicular and water mishaps,. <br />and trench,'building and confined'space extractions, <br />It is the policy of the Department of this NaVy and COMNAVREG.NW <br />to enter into Mutual Agreements (MAA). with non-federal fire <br />departments -located in thevicinityof:naval installations <br />whenever practicable.. The parties. have. mutually concluded that <br />it is desirable, practicable, and beneficial for the. -parties' to <br />enter into this MAA to document their wlllingnes:s and.ability to <br />render assistance to one another in order to enhance the safety <br />and -security of the civilian community and naval facilities. <br />