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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br />Wednesday, October 4, 2017 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />• Hoped that everyone would take advantage of a free or low cost Flu Shot Clinics being <br />held in various locations in the City; <br />• Steps to Housing workshops hosted by the Kitsap Community Resources to help people <br />find housing will be held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM at 1201 Park Avenue; <br />• Was pleased to see the City's "Permit Activity Valuation" continued to thrive; <br />• Proclaimed the Month of October 2017 as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month"; <br />inviting Harriette Bryant, President of the YWCA Board of Directors to accept the <br />proclamation; and Victims Legal Advocate Theresa Slope to announce that in <br />recognition of "Start the Week Without Violence", a vigil will be held on Monday, October <br />16 beginning at 7:00 PM in the parking lot of the YWCA on Pacific Avenue, followed by a <br />procession to the Norm Dicks Government Center where the lights will be lit up in purple <br />as part of the Shine the Light campaign "in remembrance of domestic violence victims <br />and in honor of survivor's courage; and <br />• Brought forward Fire Chief Dave Schmitt to provide,a briefing on Dire Ops 101, a <br />National Training Program held last Saturday, September 30 attended by Mayor Patty <br />Lent; Council President Eric Younger; Council Vice President Jerry McDonald; and <br />Council Members Leslie Daugs, Greg Wheeler, Dino Davis, and Richard Huddy. <br />PUBLIC RECOGNITION <br />Marie Vila announced Community Frameworks was having an event to celebrate the 20th Built <br />in Bremerton Home on Friday, October 20 from 9:30 to 10:30 AM at 1123 Highland Avenue. <br />Fred Downey expressed his concern about the parking situation on his street. President <br />Younker asked him to provide his contact information for the City Clerk to provide a response <br />to his questions. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />5A — Claims & Check Register: Check Numbers 375447 through 375707 and EFT -17760 <br />through EFT -17814 in the amount of $3,379,144.65; Regular Payroll for the pay period <br />ending September 15, 2017 in the amount of $787,148.83; Regular Payroll (Pay Out) for <br />the pay period ending September 15, 2017 in the amount of $17,564.94; and Retiree <br />Payroll for the pay period ending September 30, 2017 in the amount of $49,507.09 <br />56 — Minutes of Meeting — September 20, 2017 <br />5C — Minutes of Study Session — September 27, 2017 <br />5D — Purchase of an Accubatch Brine Maker from Cargill Deicing Technology, Inc. of North <br />Olmstead, OH <br />There were no comments or questions by members of the public... <br />06:08:27 M/S/C/U (Huddy/Sullivan) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented. <br />GENERAL BUSINESS — There were no General Business items... <br />COUNCIL MEMBER REPORTS <br />Pat Sullivan announced that volunteers are welcome for last "Lions Park Monthly Work Party" <br />of the year on Saturday, October 14 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM; that applications for a <br />volunteer CPA position on the Audit Committee are being accepted until October 23; <br />unfortunately was not able to attend the Fire Ops 101 training due to being away on vacation; <br />and expressed sorrow for the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. <br />