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AGENDA BILL <br />CITY OF BREMERTON 7F <br />CITY COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Study Session Date: June 28, 2017 <br />Mutual Aid Agreement for the Provision of COUNCIL MEETING Date: July 5, 2017 <br />Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Department: Fire <br />Services Presenter: Chief David Schmitt <br />Phone: (360) 473-5380 <br />SUMMARY: <br />This is an agreement between the City of Bremerton and every fire district/department including Navy <br />Region Northwest to provide mutual aid. The current mutual aid agreements are outdated. The <br />agreements did not define the specific services rendered and are among specific entities. The new <br />consolidated agreement is between all parties and specifically identifies the services rendered and <br />received from each entity. <br />ATTACHMENTS: Mutual Aid Agreement <br />FISCAL IMPACTS (Include Budgeted Amount): N/A <br />STUDY SESSION AGENDA: N No Presentation ❑ Full Presentation <br />STUDY SESSION ACTION: ® Consent Agenda ❑ General Business ❑ Public Hearing <br />RECOMMENDED MOTION: <br />Move to approve the Mutual Aid Agreement; and authorize the Mayor to finalize and execute the <br />agreement with substantially the same terms and conditions as presented. <br />COUNCIL ACTION: [Approve ❑ Deny ❑ Table ❑ Continue ❑ No Action <br />Form Updated 01/07/15 <br />