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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br />May 17, 2017 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />8A — PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDINANCE NO. 5319 TO AMEND CHAPTER 20 OF THE <br />BREMERTON MUNICIPAL CODE (BMC) ENTITLED "LAND USE": Garrett Jackson, Planner <br />II, explained that the action before Council is to conduct a Public Hearing and adopt an Ordinance <br />amending BMC Title 20 as follows: <br />1. Design Standards. Revise standards for commercial and multifamily structures in select <br />zones that permit those uses. <br />2. Traditional Front Yard Setback. Clarify that intrusions into the front yard setback are not <br />permitted within five feet of the front property line. <br />3. Determining Structure Height. Revise the method for measuring structure height to <br />coincide with the method used in the International Building Code. <br />4. Design Response Conference. Provide an option to waive the Design Response <br />Conference permit from the Downtown Design Review Board process. <br />5. Open Space Definition. Remove duplicative definition. <br />6. Recycling Collection Station. Remove from permitted uses in the General Commercial <br />zone. <br />7. Conditional Nonconforming Uses. Remove from the nonconforming code section. <br />8. Outdoor Storage. Consolidate several existing code sections regulating outdoor storage. <br />President Younger opened the public hearing... <br />Comments and questions were provided by Robert Parker with responses provided by Mr. <br />Jackson... <br />With no further comments received, President Younger closed the Hearing to the public; and <br />opened for discussion with, the Council... <br />06:16:03 Motion was made by Davis and seconded by Daugs ... Comments and questions were <br />provided by Davis, Daugs, Wheeler, Huddy, and Younger with responses provided by Mr. <br />Jackson and Andrea Spencer. Director of Community Development... <br />06:33:37 M/S/C/U (Davis/Daugs) Move to pass Ordinance No. 5319 to amend Bremerton <br />Municipal Code Title 20 regarding: City design standards, traditional front yard setback, <br />determining structure height, design response conference, open space definition, recycling <br />collection use in the GC zone, conditional nonconforming uses, outdoor storage, and related <br />changes. <br />8B — PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDINANCE NO. 5320 TO APPROVE ANNEXATION OF <br />APPROX. 24.5 ACRES NEAR CORBET DRIVE IN THE WEST BREMERTON URBAN GROWTH <br />AREA: Allison Satter, Senior Planner, summarized that a property owner within the West <br />Bremerton Urban Growth Area ("UGA") has requested that the City Council consider annexing their <br />property to the City of Bremerton. In addition to the initial petitioner, much of this area contains <br />properties that have signed outside utility agreements which consent to annexation. After careful <br />deliberation and consideration of the financial impacts, the Council passed Resolution No. 3287 on <br />March 15, 2017, to accept the initial annexation proposals for 40 parcels or 24.5 acres near the <br />area of Corbet Drive. By accepting the "10% Petition" the Council allowed the annexation to <br />proceed to the second phase of the petition annexation process, gathering of signatures for the <br />"60% Petition." <br />