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City Council Study Session Minutes <br /> Wednesday, November 9, 2016 <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br /> 4. Ordinance to establish the Amount to be Collected in 2017 by Taxation on the Assessed <br /> Valuation of Taxable Property within the City Limits of Bremerton; and Setting the Property <br /> Levy Rate Public Hearing <br /> 5. Resolution to re-establish and amend City Rates and Fees for 2017 General Business <br /> 6. Ordinance to amend and re-establish 2017 Assessments, Rates, Fees, and Charges for <br /> Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, and other related services General Business <br /> Council recessed from 7:15 to 7:30 PM... <br /> C. GENERAL COUNCIL BUSINESS <br /> o Public Works Committee Briefing (11/1/16 Meeting) — Chair Greg Wheeler <br /> o Public Safety & Parks Committee Briefing (11/9/16 Meeting) — Chair Leslie Daugs <br /> o Other General Council Business <br /> D. ADJOURNMENT OF STUDY SESSION <br /> With no further business, President Younger adjourned the Council Study Session at 8:47 PM. <br /> Prepared and Submitted by: <br /> CHRISTINE GRENIER, Council Assistant <br /> APPRO ED by the City Council on the 16th day of November, 2016. <br /> Eric Younger ounciW'esident <br /> A, ST: r <br /> Shannon L. Corin, City Clerk <br /> EY:SC:Is:cg <br />