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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, July 20, 2016 <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br /> Michael Shumaker provided additional remarks in support of Civil Survival's mission, listing some of <br /> the major obstacles that face felons once they are released, making it easy for many to fail. <br /> Renee Kimball admitted she has a troubled past, but has since turned herself around; and added <br /> that by allowing an opportunity for an interview would help alleviate some of the homelessness. <br /> Lionel Collins, Sr., President of the Bremerton Chapter of the NAACP, thanked Chief Strachan for <br /> being courageous and being a part of the conversation, creating a better relationship with the <br /> community with the positive changes he has made in the community; and added that he believed <br /> this was a great opportunity for Kitsap County and the City of Bremerton to be an example for the <br /> rest of the State and the Nation, and show another reason why Bremerton is a better place to live. <br /> Antoinette DeWalt and Karen Varqas announced on behalf of the Marvin Williams/Birkenfeld <br /> Economic Empowerment Center, the New Life Community Development Agency will be presenting <br /> the "Sacrifice of Service for the Saving of Souls, Living Life Leadership" Program to encourage <br /> support of one another, raise awareness of public safety, and to simply show the remarkable spirit of <br /> unity following the Kitsap 9/11 Memorial Event on Sunday, September 11 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM at <br /> Evergreen Rotary Park. <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> 7A— Claims & Check Register: Check Numbers 369268 through 369461, and EFT-16258 through <br /> EFT-16307 in the amount of$2,085,307.53; and Regular Payroll (Pay out) in the amount of <br /> $29,443.05 for the pay period ending June 30, 2016 <br /> 7B — Minutes of Meeting —July 6, 2016 <br /> 7C — Minutes of Study Session —July 13, 2016 <br /> 7D — Contract with Human Services Department to provide Crisis Intervention/Triage Training to <br /> Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and for the Purchase of Tablets <br /> 7E — Resolution No. 3273 approving Phase 2 of the Bayside Final Plat located off of Anderson <br /> Hill Road <br /> 7F — Purchase Agreement with Trebron Company, Inc. to Upgrade and Replace the City of <br /> Bremerton's Main Firewall with Saphos SG 450 <br /> 7G — Contract with Fields Roof Service, Inc. for the Police Facility East Section Roof <br /> Replacement <br /> 7H — Resolution No. 3274 authorizing the Mayor to make a formal Application to the Salmon <br /> Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) for Grant Assistance for Northlake Way <br /> 7I — Resolution No. 3275 authorizing the Mayor to make a formal Application to the Salmon <br /> Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) for Grant Assistance for Parish Creek <br /> 7J — Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for the Ostrich Bay Retrofit Plan Design <br /> Project <br /> 7K— Contract with AES Consultants, Inc. for Outfall Surveys to meet Department of Natural <br /> Resources Permit Renewal Requirements <br /> 7L— Purchase Agreement with North Coast Electric for two (2) Allen-Bradley 200 H.P. Variable <br /> Frequency Drives for Pump Station CE-4 <br /> 7M — Energy Efficiency Grant from the Department of Commerce for the Puget Sound Energy <br /> (PSE) Street Light LED Retrofit Project <br /> 7N — Memorandum of Understanding & Updated Air Rights Easement granted to 606 Lorax, LLC <br /> 06:12:10 M/S/C/U (Huddy/McDonald) Move to approve the CotvsENT A�EN�a as presented. <br />