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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, June 1, 2016 <br /> Page 3 of 6 <br /> 06:16:50 M/S/C (Sullivan/McDonald) Move to amend the 2016 Budget to remove the 0.75 <br /> FTE Office Assistant I position; and to add a 1.0 FTE O�ce Assistant II in the Parks & <br /> Recreation Department. <br /> Voted in Favor of Motion: McDonald, Davis, Huddy, Sullivan, Younger <br /> Voted Opposed to Motion: Wheeler, Daugs <br /> Motion carried; 5-Yes; 2-No <br /> 66 —APPROVE THE ADDITION OF 1.0 FTE PARKS LABORER TO THE PARKS � <br /> RECREATION: Jeff Elevado, Director of Parks & Recreation, explained that Parks & Recreation <br /> Department staffing levels have been reduced over several years of budget reductions while the <br /> total number of acres of park and green space the Department is responsible for has increased <br /> significantly. Current maintenance responsibilities are not being met as staff hours must be <br /> diverted to emphasis areas leaving some parks and facilities with minimal support. The <br /> Department has assumed responsibility for several new and renovated facilities which are <br /> maintenance intensive and each present specific challenges and demand for additional man <br /> power. Park Maintenance staff have been tasked with maintaining over 200 additional tree wells <br /> and nearly 100 planting beds and rain gardens in the downtown area. Current staffing levels do <br /> not allow crews to address deferred maintenance tasks, estimated at approximately 3,000 hours <br /> per year as identified in a recently completed Department workload analysis. <br /> There were no comments from the public... <br /> 06:19:35 Motion was made by Huddy, and seconded by Davis... Comments and questions were <br /> provided by Davis, Younger, Whee/er, and Daugs; with responses provided by Mr. Elevado... <br /> 06:23:28 M/S/C (Huddy/Davis) Move to amend the 2016 Budget to remove the 1.0 FTE <br /> Recreation Manager position; and to add a 1.0 FTE Parks Laborer position in the Parks & <br /> Recreation Department. <br /> Voted in Favor of Motion: Davis, Huddy, Sullivan, McDonald, Younger <br /> Voted Opposed to Motion: Wheeler, Daugs <br /> Motion carried; 5-Yes; 2- No <br /> 6C — MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT WITH COLUMBIA HOSPITALITY, INC. FOR <br /> MANAGEMENT OF THE KITSAP CONFERENCE CENTER AT BREMERTON HARBORSIDE: <br /> Cathv Johnson, Financial Services Director, explained that the City has contracted with Columbia <br /> Hospitality(CHI);or management of the Kitsap Conference Center since its construction in 2003. In <br /> the intervening years the management agreement has been amended three times to update <br /> provisions and expand service to Harborside Fountain Park. In 2015 service was expanded to the <br /> recently constructed third floor meetingfacilities in the Bremerton Harborside Transit Building <br /> allowing the facility to service larger conferences requiring additional breakout rooms. The quality <br /> of the service that Columbia Hospitality provides to its customers is evidenced by the outstanding <br /> customer approval ratings that the facilityreceives. Due to the economic downturn and <br /> sequestration the gross income for the facility has suffered over the last several years. With an <br /> improving economy and the addition of the third floor space, revenues increased by 12% in 2015 <br /> and are showing improvement over budget for 2016. Since CHI took over management of Gold <br /> Mountain Golf Course in 2013 the two facilities have worked together to stem expenses at both <br /> facilities, for example, their ability to allocate trained employees as needed. Because of this positive <br /> trend, it is staff's recommendation that the City enter into a three year contractfor management <br /> services. The proposed contract does not include an automatic renewal and any further extension <br /> would require City Council approval. Arne Bakker, Kitsap Conference Center Manager, was <br /> available to answer questions. <br />