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City Council Joint Planning Session Minutes <br /> Saturday, January 30, 2016 <br /> Page2of6 <br /> 3) Repair City Roads <br /> • Secure funding is in p/ace for future Councils <br /> This Goal is still valid and will remain. Roger mentioned that he just completed an ordinance that <br /> he wi11 be bringing to Council to absorb the duties of the Transportation Benefit District. <br /> Dedicating a portion of REET for roads is assigned to the Finance Department through the . <br /> Finance & Investment Committee... <br /> 4) Maintain Sidewalks to ensure ADA Friendly <br /> • Finding permanent not temporary solutions <br /> Maintaining Sidewalks is included in the Comprehensive Plan as a goal. An Ad Hoc Committee <br /> has been formed to deal with that portion. Richard said there is a lack of sidewalks (200 miles <br /> short) out of total 326 miles. Andrea stated there is a section in the Comprehensive Plan. Leslie <br /> suggested more signage to identify crosswalks at intersections. <br /> Items 4 will be assigned to Public Works Committee... <br /> 5) Increase Public Outreach <br /> It was acknowledged that improvements have been made, especially with the Kitsap Sun and <br /> Josh Farley, and his use of his Blog, Bremerton Beat and postings on Facebook. Chief Strachan <br /> gave a report on how the City's Twitter account has been successful, using the Motel 6 explosion <br /> as an example of how quickly the news spread with both information and photos. <br /> 6) Look at Historic Preservation It was agreed to remove this goal... <br /> This idea was reviewed by Community Development but found it to be too cumbersome for tax <br /> benefits, and any tax incentives for a property owner are already received from the State. <br /> 7) Increase Involvement in Callow Avenue Business District <br /> This specific goal will be removed so it can be replaced with a broader coverage area... even <br /> though there has been progress, every time one business opens, another one closes... <br /> 9) Improve Walkability of the Neighborhoods <br /> • More emphasis�n multi-modal as part of all future projects <br /> This Item will be assigned to Public Works Committee... <br /> Recess from 10:25 to 10:35 PM... Then Council began discussion of New Proposed Topics... <br /> Lonq Term Economic Forecast & Balancinp the Citv's Budqet: <br /> Cathy distributed a "General Fund Summary ForecasY' draft report to show that the projection for the <br /> Revenue vs. Expenditure amounts are not as high as projected earlier; and handouts on the "2016 <br /> General Fund Budget—Program Support from Taxes and General Revenues" and "Sales Tax <br /> Distribution". There is potential for an increase in property, sale and utility tax revenues when new <br /> residents move into homes and apartments currently being built. <br /> Eric asked if he should get a "head nod" from Council for possible expansion of the area which would <br /> allow the "multi-family tax exemption". Andrea clarified that this expansion would not occur until after <br /> the Comprehensive Plan is adopted. <br />