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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, October 7, 2015 <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> PUBLIC HEARING <br /> 6A— PUBLIC HEARING TO PASS ORDINANCE NO. 5285 TO VACATE A PORTION OF THE <br /> RIGHT-OF-WAY FOR 17 STREET BETWEEN LAFAYETTE AVENUE & CORBET DRIVE: <br /> Chal Martin, Public Works & Utilities Director, explained that the property owner of Parcel No. <br /> 3759-000-013-0002 has petitioned the city to have the south 10-feet of 17`h street adjacent to his <br /> parcel vacated. The proposed vacation will allow the property owner to construct a house on his <br /> property in-line with his adjacent neighbors. No street improvements have been proposed in the <br /> area proposed for vacation; however, sufficient right of way would remain following the vacation for <br /> a standard residential street. <br /> Presidenf Wheeler opened the public hearing...With no comments received, the hearing was <br /> closed to the public, and opened for discussion to the City Council... <br /> 05:50:45 Motion was made by Runyon, and seconded by Davis... A commenf was provided by <br /> Runyon... <br /> 05:51:08 M/S/C/U (Runyon/Davis) Move to pass Ordinance No. 5285 to vacate a portion of 17th <br /> Street between Lafayette Avenue and Corbet Drive. <br /> GENERAL BUSINESS <br /> 7A—CONTRACT AWARD FOR THE FLOW CONTROL & SEISMIC VALVE PROJECT TO PAPE <br /> & SONS: Ned Lever, Managing Engineer, specified that the work completed under this contract <br /> includes the installation of precast concrete vaults, isolation and flow control/seismic valves and <br /> RTU equipment enclosures. Work under this contract will occur at three separate sites in West <br /> Bremerton; the Warren Avenue Bridge; Snyder Ave near the 25th Street intersection; and at the <br /> Manette Bridge. <br /> There were seven bids submitted. NOVA Contracting Inc. was the apparent low bidder; however, <br /> their bid has been rejected as a result of numerous omissions in their bid documents. Pape & <br /> Sons Construction, Inc. is the lowest responsible, responsive bidder, in the amount of $898,949.00 <br /> (which includes sales tax). <br /> Jordan Opdahl, President of NOVA Contracting, expressed his concern with the rejection of the <br /> bid proposal submitted by his company; and asked that City Council to please reconsider and <br /> award the contract to NOVA Contracting. He believed that the process could be improved if the <br />� City included the Minority Sheet on the Bidder's Checklist of required documents. <br /> 05:56:15 Motion was made by Dav�s, and seconded by Runyon... Questions were asked by Davis, <br /> Runyon, Daugs, and Younger, with responses provided by Mr. Lever and Mr. Lubovich... <br /> 06:11:21 M/S/C/U (Davis/Runyon) Move to approve the bid for the Flow Control & Seismic Valve <br /> Project from Pape & Sons Construction, Inc. in the amount of $898,949.00 (which includes sales <br /> tax) and authorize Mayor to finalize and execute the contract with substantially the same terms <br /> and conditions as presented. <br /> 7B— RENEWAL OF $150,000 ANNUAL FUNDING COMMITMENT TO TIiE ADMIRAL THEATRE <br /> FOUNDATION: Mike Rilev, Assistant Director of Financial Services, stated that per the terms of <br /> the Operating Agreement with the Admiral Theatre Foundation, as amended, the City Council <br /> annually must renew its commitment to continue its financial contribution to the Foundation. The <br /> most recent review has been completed and is being presented prior to the Council's consideration <br /> of the 2016 budget. It is the recommendation by the Director of Financial Services that the City <br /> Council renew its commitment of the current funding amount of $150,000 per year for 2016. <br />