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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, March 5, 2014 <br /> Page 3 of 4 <br /> With no further public comments, President Wheeler closed the public hearing. There were no <br /> questions or comments by the City Council. <br /> No action would be taken until the second hearing, scheduled for March 19, 2014. <br /> 713 — PUBLIC HEARING TO APPROVE ORDINANCE NO. 5241 TO REVOKE THE WHEATOW <br /> RIDDELL DISTRICT CENTER SUBAREA PLAN Andrea Spencer Community Development Director, <br /> summarized that on October 3, 2007, the City Council passed Ordinance No. 5205, which adopted the <br /> Wheaton - Riddell District Center Subarea Plan. Since the time of plan adoption, there have been limited <br /> economic activities within this District Center, and the activities that have occurred have been for <br /> building reuse, without any significant new building construction. <br /> On February 18, 2014, the Planning Commission held a public workshop to discuss the success of the <br /> subarea plan. The Commission made a determination that the regulations in the subarea plan are an <br /> impediment to investment in redevelopment of this Center. The Commission committed to a work <br /> program in 2014 to develop a recommendation for revised zoning standards to implement the City's <br /> Comprehensive Plan that facilitates redevelopment of the District Center. In the meantime, the <br /> Commission has recommended immediate revocation of the adopted subarea plan. Until such time as <br /> the Council adopts revised zoning for this District Center, the zoning of the site will revert to that which <br /> was in place prior to the subarea plan adoption in 2007. <br /> President Wheeler opened the public hearing... Comments in favor of this action from the public were <br /> provided by Priscilla Bailey, Tom Remick and Mike Benefiel <br /> With no further comments, President Wheeler closed the hearing to the public, and opened discussion <br /> to the City Council... <br /> 06:33:44 Motion was made by Davis and seconded by Runyon... Questions and comments were then <br /> provided by Davis, Daugs, Sullivan, Runyon, McDonald, and Younger ... with responses provided by Ms. <br /> Spencer who also clarified that once the Subarea Plan was revoked, the original zoning code for this <br /> area would automatically be in effect and that there would be no conflict with the City's Comprehensive <br /> Plan... <br /> 06:40:20 M /S /C /U (Davis /Runyon) Move to pass Ordinance No. 5241 revoking the Wheaton - Riddell <br /> District Center Subarea Plan that was adopted by Ordinance No. 5025. <br /> COUNCIL MEMBER REPORTS <br /> Mike Sullivan reported on his attendance at a recent meeting of the Kitsap Transit Planning Sub <br /> Committee, where he was also nominated to be the Chair; and was privileged to participate on a panel <br /> to interview candidates for Fire Captains and Battalion Chiefs. <br /> Leslie Daugs announced that Kitsap Habitat for Humanity was accepting applications for low- income <br /> home ownership, which can be obtained by calling (360) 473 -3853 or e-mail <br /> familyservices( a) <br /> Jerry McDonald announced that both downtown Bremerton and Manette would be hosting First Friday <br /> Art Walks this week, encouraged participants to register ahead of time by calling (360) 471 -7803 or e- <br /> mail gshuizastrategyrealestate. net for the 23 Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade that will be held on <br /> Saturday, March 15 beginning at 10:00 AM in downtown Bremerton; and announced the next Roger <br /> Brooks webinar would be on Monday at 6:30 PM at McCloud's Grill House. <br /> Dino Davis announced that also on Saturday, March 15 volunteers were welcome to participate in the <br /> monthly cleanup of Forest Ridge Park from 9:00 AM to Noon. <br />