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City Council Reg. Mtg. Minutes <br /> Wednesday, March 5, 2014 <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> 5A — Claims & Check Register: Check Numbers 357190 through 357368, and EFT -13619 through <br /> EFT -13657 in the amount of $2,200,841.86; Regular Payroll for the pay period ending February <br /> 15, 2014 in the amount of $686,301.36; Regular Payroll for the pay period ending February 28, <br /> 2014 in the amount of $671,343.58; and Retiree Payroll for the pay period ending February 28, <br /> 2014 in the amount of $55,220.99 <br /> 5B — Minutes of Meeting — February 19, 2014 <br /> 5C — Minutes of Study Session — February 26, 2014 <br /> 5D — Resolution No. 3213 to establish April 2, 2014 as a public hearing date to vacate a portion of the <br /> Adele Avenue right -of -way at the Bertha Avenue intersection <br /> 5E — Sole Source Purchase for a 2014 Ford F -550 Maintenance Truck from Cobalt Truck Equipment <br /> for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer Pump Stations <br /> 5F— Contract with SMS- Superior Maintenance Solutions for Arterial Street Sidewalk Landscape <br /> Maintenance <br /> 5G — Contract with Action Services Corporation for Hot Applied Street Traffic Markings <br /> 5H — Resolution No. 3214 to authorize investment of City monies in the Local Government Investment <br /> Pool <br /> 51— Staffing Adjustments to the Financial Services Department <br /> Bob Dollar referred to Item 5F, and expressed disappointment that the City Council was not allowing <br /> citizens to learn more about the contract. <br /> Deirdre McKeel referred to item 5G, and asked for clarification on the funding for the contract, with a <br /> response provided by Chal Martin <br /> 06:12:55 Motion was made by Younger and seconded by McDonald... Comments and questions were <br /> then provided by Runyon, Daugs, Davis, and Younger, with responses provided by Mr. Martin <br /> 06:20:40 M /S /C (Younger /McDonald) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented. <br /> Voted in favor of Motion: Sullivan, Daugs, McDonald, Davis, Younger, Wheeler <br /> Voted opposed to Motion: Runyon <br /> Motion carried: 6 -Yes; 1 -No <br /> GENERAL BUSINESS — There were no General Business items tonight... <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 7A —1 OF 2 PUBLIC HEARINGS TO APPROVE SUB - CONCESSION AND FUTURE ASSIGNMENT <br /> OF THE OLYMPIC SOCCER & SPORTS CENTER (OSSC) CONCESSION AGREEMENT TO <br /> KEYSTONE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, INC.: Jeff Elevado Parks & Recreation, explained that the <br /> Olympic Soccer & Sports Center, LLC (OSSC) has operated the indoor soccer facility at Pendergast <br /> Park.under a Concession Agreement for the property with the City since 2001. OSSC has expressed a <br /> desire to grant a sub - concession for the operations of the facility to Keystone Financial Management, <br /> Inc. Keystone intends to raise money through private investors to purchase the buildings and <br /> improvements by the conclusion of the 3 -year Sub - concession term, at which time OSSC would assign <br /> the Concession Agreement to Keystone. City Council approval is required for the proposed Sub - <br /> concession and Future Assignment of the Concession Agreement. Ownership of the underlying <br /> property upon which the improvements are located does not change and will remain with the City. <br /> President Wheeler opened the public hearing... Comments from the public were provided by Sunny <br /> Wheeler <br />