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City Council Reg Mtg Minutes <br /> Wednesday, February 6, 2013 <br /> Page 4 of 4 <br /> Leslie Daugs was excited to see that a groundbreaking ceremony had been held for the Boys & Girls <br /> Youth and Wellness Center, and looked forward to the Habitat for Humanity office and store <br /> relocating to Wheaton Way <br /> Adam Brockus announced that the next District 3 Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday, <br /> February 26 from 6 30 to 8 00 PM at the Bremerton Senior Center featuring a presentation on the <br /> "Utility Rate Study" by Public Works & Utilities Director Chal Martin, encouraged the community to <br /> attend the Open House on the Utility Rate Study on February 11, was pleased to see the Admiral <br /> Theater was filled with football fans for Super Bowl XLVII Lastly, he announced that a free Pyrex <br /> Seminar will be held on February 16 from 1 00 to 3 00 PM at Amy Burnett's Gallery <br /> Wendy Priest thanked Council Members for their support, recognized Roy Runyon for his service to <br /> District 4, and also thanked fellow candidates Dino Davis, Anita Albright, Jerry McDonald, Michael <br /> Goodnow who also applied for the vacancy <br /> Faye Flemister announced that the Bremerton High School Black History Celebration including <br /> the 2012 Washington State African American Achievement Awards will be held on Friday, February <br /> 22 from 8 30 to 9 45 AM in the Bremerton High School Auditorium She encouraged people to <br /> contact (360) 373 -1752 for further information <br /> Carol Arends looked forward to Kitsap Sports returning to Callow Avenue, and was also very pleased <br /> to see progress on the Lillian A Walker Park <br /> Eric Younger responded to issues raised by citizens earlier in the meeting about problems with their <br /> streets and challenged the Council to find a dedicated funding for streets while discussing goals next <br /> week <br /> Nick Wofford agrees with Mr Younger that the Council should try to find a funding source for City <br /> streets, which he has tried to do before and no one has been able to offer a "Plan B" <br /> Greg Wheeler hoped that this subject could be addressed by the Council when they discuss goals, <br /> was pleased that information on the Utility Rate Study would soon be ready for the public, <br /> congratulated Wendy Priest and welcomed her back to the Council and also thanked the other <br /> candidates <br /> With no further business, President Wheeler adjourned the Council Meeting at 7 05 PM <br /> Prep ed and Submitted by <br /> LO I SMITH <br /> Legislative Assistant <br /> Attest <br /> SHANNON CORIN, City Clerk <br /> GRE HEELER, City Council President <br /> GW SC Is cg <br />