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City Council Reg Mtg Minutes <br /> Wednesday, September 19, 2012 <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> • Looked forward to participating in the "Dedication Ceremony for the Tomb of the Unknown <br /> Soldier" at Saturday, September 29 at 1 00 PM at Ivy Green Cemetery, thanked Todd Best for <br /> all of his efforts, and invited him to share before and after pictures of the work done on the site, <br /> and proclaimed September 29, 2012 as "National Public Lands Day', and <br /> • Invited Council Members to attend the Ground - breaking Ceremony for the Youth Wellness <br /> Center on October 22 for 3 00 to 5 00 PM <br /> CONSENT AGENDA <br /> 5A Check Numbers 350001 through 350217 and EFT -12147 through EFT -12182 in the amount of <br /> $2,176,518 09, and Regular Payroll for the pay period ending September 15, 2012 in the <br /> amount of $681,682 56 <br /> 56 Minutes of Meeting — September 5, 2012 <br /> 5C Minutes of Study Session — September 12, 2012 <br /> 5D Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) Service Contract with City of Bainbridge Island <br /> for 5 -Year Term (2013 - 2017) <br /> 5E Goods and Services Agreement with H D Fowler Company for purchase of Water System <br /> Pressure Regulating Valve System <br /> Todd Best expressed concerns about contracts that may have longer terms than a mayor's term, <br /> and believed that a solution would be to have a shorter term with an option to extend the <br /> agreement <br /> 06:15:03 M /S /C /U (Flemister /Runyon) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented <br /> GENERAL BUSINESS <br /> 6A — PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT WITH CROSS, LACROSS & MURPHY PLLC <br /> FOR PUBLIC DEFENSE SERVICES Dawn Nelson Municipal Court Administrator, explained <br /> that the current provider of public defense services for Bremerton Municipal Court submitted their <br /> notice of intent to /withdraw form their contract with the City earlier this year Five firms responded <br /> to a request for proposal for public defense services A panel interviewed all five firms and <br /> forwarded their unanimous recommendation to the Mayor, who agreed with the panel and chose <br /> Cross, LaCross, & Murphy, PLLC to enter into a contract for professional services for legal <br /> representation of indigent persons This contract will begin on November 1, 2012 <br /> There were no comments from the public <br /> 06:17:28 Motion was made by Runyon, and seconded by Brockus <br /> Comments and questions were provided by Runyon, Wheeler, Daugs, Wofford, and responses <br /> were provided by Ms Corin and Ms Nelson <br /> 06:23:45 M/S /C /U (Runyon /Brockus) Move to approve the professional services agreement for <br /> public defense services with Cross, LaCross & Murphy, PLLC, and authorize the Mayor to finalize <br /> and execute the agreement with substantially the same terms and conditions as presented <br />