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DIGITAL RECORDING MW <br /> CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br /> July 11, 2012 JUL 1 B 20 Id <br /> A Study Session of the City Council of the City of Bremerton was called to order in the City Council <br /> Conference Room 603, of the NORM DICKS GOVERNMENT CENTER, 345 6th Street, Bremerton, <br /> Washington, Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at 6 30 PM, with Council President Jim McDonald presiding <br /> Council Members present were Nick Wofford, Eric Younger, Faye Flemister, Greg Wheeler, Roy <br /> Runyon, Adam Brockus, and Leslie Daugs Council Member Carol Arends was absent Christine <br /> Grenier, Council Assistant was present to provide staff support <br /> President McDonald emphasized that the Study Session was open to the public but there would be <br /> no opportunities for comment <br /> A NO PRESENTATION PLANNED <br /> 1 Appointments of Kelli Lambert, Bob Dollar, and Michael Goodnow to the CDBG Grant <br /> Recommendation Committee — Mayor Patty Lent Consent Agenda <br /> 2 Resolution granting consent and approval of owner transfer from Sandler Capital <br /> Management to Oak Hill Partners (Franchise Agreement) — Shannon Conn, City Clerk <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> 3 Award Contract to Stan Palmer Construction, Inc for Low Impact Development Projects and <br /> Water /Sewer Replacements (Pacific Avenue & E 11th Street LID) — Gunnar Fridriksson, <br /> Managing Engineer General Business <br /> 4 Award Contract to Stan Palmer Construction, Inc for construction of the "Highway Safety <br /> Improvement' Project — Gunnar Fridriksson, Managing Engineer Consent Agenda <br /> 5 Award Contract to Valmont Industries, Inc for installation of the radio tower antenna on the <br /> 100 -foot self supporting Tower at 100 Oyster Bay Avenue — Gunnar Fridriksson, Managing <br /> Engineer Consent Agenda <br /> 6 ' <br /> Uti DepaFtment Item Pulled <br /> B FULL PRESENTATION ITEMS <br /> 7 Presentation on the Shoreline Master Program 'Why Update the Shoreline Master Program" — <br /> Nicole Floyd, City Planner H, and David Sherrard, AICP of Parametrix, Inc Information only <br /> 8 Professional Services Agreement with HDR Engineering, Inc for 2012 Wastewater System <br /> Comprehensive Plan Update — Ned Lever, Public Works & Utilities Department Consent <br /> Agenda <br /> 9 Resolution to adopt the 2013 -2018 Six -Year Transportation Improvement Plan — Thomas <br /> Knuckey, City Engineer Public Hearing <br /> 10 Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement for Park Plaza Retail Pad and Parking Lease <br /> Agreement with Mundy Jo Holdings, LLC, and Tri -Party Wail Agreement between City of <br /> Bremerton, Mundy Jo Holdings, LLC, and Bremerton Cinema, LLC — Becky Hasart, Financial <br /> Services Director, and Gary Sexton, Project Manager General Business <br /> C GENERAL" COUNCIL BUSINESS <br /> 11 Council Committee Chair Reports were provided, and other General Council Business was <br /> briefly discussed <br /> With no further business, the Council Study Session was adjourned at 9 02 PM <br />