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City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday, November 2, 2011 <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br /> through EFT -11361 in the amount of $1,029,571 13, Regular Payroll for the pay period ending <br /> October 15, 2011 in the amount of $6,108 00, and Retiree Payroll for the pay period ending <br /> October 31, 2011 in the amount of $76,260 89 <br /> B Minutes of Meeting — October 19, 2011 <br /> C Minutes of Study Session — October 26, 2011 <br /> D Appointment of Gunnar Fridriksson to the position of Managing Engineer <br /> E Renewal of Professional Services Agreement between the City of Bremerton and Kitsap <br /> Community Resources for Bremerton Community Service Work Program <br /> F Award Contract to HOKKAIDO DRILLING, INC for Well 13 & Well 14 Rehabilitation- Replacement <br /> Project <br /> G Construction Contract to COULTAS GENERAL CONTRACTING for Brick Veneer Installation for the <br /> Park Avenue Plaza Project Phase R <br /> There were no comment:, from the public <br /> 05:59:44 M /S /C /U (Arends /Runyon) Move to approve the CONSENT AGENDA as presented <br /> PUBLIC HEARING <br /> 6A — RESOLUTION NO. 3155 APPROVING FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INCLUSION IN <br /> THE 2012 CDBG /HOME ACTION PLAN Marie Vila Community Development Block Grant <br /> Administrator, summarized that on May 18, 2011, City Council approved the 2012 CDBG /HOME <br /> Policy Plan outlining the CDBG and HOME funding allocation process Based on that policy, the <br /> program's Grant Recommendation Committees have developed funding recommendations for <br /> Council consideration and approval If approved, these submissions will be sent to the Department of <br /> Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the 2012 Annual Action Plan <br /> President Maupin opened the Public Hearing for comments <br /> Comments received in favor of Resolution No 3155 were received by the following <br /> April Mills Roxanne Bryson Holly Ridge Center Executive Director, and Joe Rosack Director of <br /> Kitsap Mental Health Services <br /> 06:16:35 Motion to pass the resolution was made by Wheeler, and seconded by Robinson <br /> Full disclosure was provided by Roy Runyon due to his wife serving as the Executive Director of <br /> Bremerton Foodline, and he would voluntarily abstain from the vote, and Greg Wheeler due to being <br /> on the Kitsap Community Resources Board of Directors, however City Attorney Roger Lubovich said <br /> it was not necessary for him to abstain from the vote <br /> Discussion was then opened to the Council for their questions and comments, which were received <br /> by Brockus and Robinson <br /> 06 21.15 M /S /C (Wheeler /Robinson) Move to pass Resolution No 3155 approving the 2012 funding <br /> recommendations to be included in the 2012 Action Plan to HUD, and authorize the Mayor to finalize <br /> and execute the contracts with substantially the same terms and conditions as presented once all <br /> funding has been secured and HUD has approved the Annual Action Plan <br /> Voted in favor of Motion McConnell, Brockus, Wheeler, Robinson, Arends, Wofford, McDonald, <br /> Maupin <br /> Abstained Runyon <br /> Motion carried, 8 -Yes, 1- Abstention <br />