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City Council Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday, September 21, 2011 <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> GENERAL BUSINESS <br /> 6A — RESOLUTION NO 3152 SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE YOUTH WELLNESS <br /> CAMPUS Mayor Lent explained that in October 2010, the City of Bremerton and the Bremerton School <br /> District entered into an agreement to conduct a geo- technical survey on the former East Bremerton <br /> School site for the Youth Wellness Campus The City hopes to attract organizations promoting youth <br /> health and wellness and is in support of the concept of the campus It was emphasized that the <br /> resolution does not obligate the City to finance the development <br /> Colleen Smidt a volunteer for the West Sound Boys & Girls Club, was pleased that a partnership with <br /> the City will move this project forward <br /> 5 56 Motion to support resolution was made by McConnell and seconded by Wofford <br /> Discussion was then opened to the Council Comments were made by Runyon, Brockus, Wheeler, and <br /> Maupin <br /> 05 M /S /C /U (McConnell/Wofford) Move to approve Resolution No 3152 as presented <br /> 613 — ORDINANCE NO 5162 ADOPTING THE AMENDED PROPOSAL MODIFYING THE <br /> BREMERTON CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES (THE PUBLIC HEARING WAS HELD ON <br /> SEPTEMBER T 2011) Becky Hasart Financial Services Director, reiterated that the proposed <br /> boundaries take into consideration data from the 2010 Census, comments from the public, and input <br /> from the Council Members <br /> There were no comments from the public <br /> 06.00 45 Motion to approve the ordinance was made by Wofford, and seconded by McDonald <br /> There were no questions or comments from Council Members <br /> 06 01 M /S /C (Wofford /McDonald) Move to approve Ordinance No 5162 adopting new City Council <br /> District Boundaries for the City of Bremerton based on the 2010 Census <br /> Voted in favor of Motion Brockus, Wheeler, Robinson, Arends, Wofford, McConnell, Maupin <br /> Abstained Runyon <br /> Motion carried, 8 -Yes, 1- Abstention <br /> 6C — RESOLUTION NO. 3151 APPROVING ONE -WAY TRAFFIC AND ANGLE PARKING ON 5 T " <br /> STREET BETWEEN PACIFIC & WASHINGTON AVENUES Gunnar Fridriksson Public Works and <br /> Utilities (Engineering Division), explained that the Washington Administrative Code requires a resolution <br /> to permit angle parking and one -way traffic on City streets This requirement was discovered <br /> subsequent to the implementation of these traffic revisions on 5 th Street A traffic study with the goal of <br /> increasing the number of parking spaces on 5 th Street was completed, and the study recommends one - <br /> way traffic and angle parking <br /> There were no comments from the public <br /> 06 52 Motion to approve the resolution was made by Runyon, and seconded by Brockus <br /> Discussion was then opened to the Council for their questions and comments <br /> Carol Arends pointed out that one -way traffic is awkward when there are special events on Pacific <br /> Avenue, and that turning from 4 th Street to Pacific Avenue is a tight turn which creates traffic problems <br /> Adam Brockus personally preferred the road to return to two -way, but agreed with the proposed <br /> changes since the responses to the survey clearly supported one -way travel <br />