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City Council Reg Mtg Minutes <br /> Wednesday, April 6, 2011 <br /> Page 4 of 4 <br /> Roy Runyon also attended the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair, invited the public to <br /> attend an Earthquake Preparedness Workshop hosted by the Kitsap Department of Emergency <br /> Management on Monday, April 18, and announced that the Bremerton Bar & Grill, located at 109 <br /> Pacific Avenue will be open for business on April 18 For more information on available fobs, <br /> please visit www lobs worgboard /neighborhoodgrills <br /> Greg Wheeler mentioned that he too attended the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair, <br /> as well as the event to say farewell to Captain Olsen on April 15 He also announced that the <br /> Rotary Annual Garage Sale ( "RAGS ") event would be held on April 16 at the Kitsap Fairgrounds, <br /> and the Sinclair Cleanup event was also on April 16 <br /> Dianne Robinson announced the Matan Park Construction neighborhood meeting will be held on <br /> April 19 beginning at 5 30 PM at 2220 Anderson Street <br /> Carol Arends emphasized the importance of the Bataan Death March Memorial event on April 9, <br /> and hoped that the public would make an effort to attend <br /> Nick Wofford mentioned that lodging tax funds were provided to the Washington State Science & <br /> Engineering Fair and explained that lodging tax revenue benefit non - profit organizations, who in <br /> turn, during events, generate revenue by encouraging people to stay at Bremerton hotels <br /> Will Maupin enjoyed his recent trip to Cabo San Lucas as well as the weather there <br /> i <br /> 9A — EXECUTIVE SESSION <br /> At 6 42 PM, the Council convened for a 15- Minute Executive Session to consider a Real Estate <br /> Acquisition per RCW 42 30 110 (1)(b) Information Only No action was taken <br /> With no further business, President Maupin adjourned the Council Meeting at 7 00 PM <br /> i <br /> Prepared and Submitted by <br /> 4 <br /> L RI SMITH <br /> Legislative Assistant <br /> i <br /> a <br /> Attest <br /> CAROL E G N, City Urk <br /> WILL MAUPIN, Ci Council esident <br /> W M CE Is cg <br />