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City Council Reg Mtg Minutes <br /> Wednesday, February 16, 2011 <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br /> used by either party The Bremerton School District released its interest in this easement in <br /> December 2009 On December 14 2010, the Bremerton Parks & Recreation Commission voted <br /> (6 in favor and 1 opposed) to recommend vacation of the easement <br /> Mayor Lent brought forward Don Clintsman Assistant Director of the Department of Social & <br /> Health Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, and Carol Kirk Supenntendant of <br /> Frances Haddon Morgan Center, to provide a brief update on the Frances Haddon Morgan Center <br /> and Governor Gregoire's proposal to close the facility due to budget cuts <br /> 06:14:40 Motion to release the easement was made by McDonald, and seconded by McConnell, <br /> Discussion was then opened to the Council for their questions and comments <br /> Mr. McConnell asked when the final decision to close the facility will be made, and if the tenants <br /> are from this area Mr. Clintsman responded that the supplemental budget still needs to be <br /> approved by the Legislature, but unfortunately that date is not known, and that the tenants come <br /> from all over the state Ms. Kirk added that majority of the tenants are from Western Washington <br /> Roy Runyon asked if other services besides housing are offered at the center Mr Clintsman <br /> responded that there are offices for the Division of Child & Family Services as well as <br /> Developmental Disabilities If the center were to close, those services would be provided at other <br /> locations <br /> Dianne Robinson asked what would happen to the employees at the center if the center closes <br /> Mr. Clintsman stated that under the current contract, the employees do have rights and if the <br /> center closes, the personnel issues will be addressed <br /> Prior to the vote, Council Members unanimously reaffirmed their desire for the Frances Haddon <br /> Morgan Center to remain open, but it was understood that the easement is the only issue to be <br /> considered at this time <br /> 06:25:35 M /S /C /U (McDonald /McConnell) Move to release the recreational and athletic easement <br /> granted by the State of Washington on a portion of the Frances Haddon Morgan Center in the <br /> vicinity of Forest Ridge Park in a form approved by the City Attorney <br /> COUNCIL MEMBER REPORTS <br /> Jim McDonald invited the public to a Open House hosted by the City to discuss and take citizen <br /> comment on the "Pacific Avenue Improvements - 6 th to 11 t `' Street Project" In the Chambers on <br /> Thursday, February 17, 2011 from 5 30 to 7 30 PM, and also talked about corresponding with the <br /> County Treasurer's Office about the possibility of offering more payment options for tax payers to <br /> help alleviate the shock of receiving such a large bill twice per year <br /> Cecil McConnell provided an update on the on -going medical issue with his hip <br /> Dianne Robinson encouraged the public to attend the 12 Annual Salad Bowl Sunday `Designed <br /> to be Different "event on February 27at 3 30 PM at the Kitsap Sun Pavilion <br /> Nick Wofford referred to an article that was published in the Kitsap Sun on February 4 about <br /> volunteering, and again encouraged citizens to do their part by volunteering for their community <br /> Will Maupin discussed his attendance at the very informative CAPRI Heart & Lung Institute <br /> luncheon that he attended last Friday, highlighted the items discussed at a recent meeting of the <br /> Kitsap Transit Policy Board, and provided a report on the medical condition of Jack Arends, son of <br /> Carol Arends, and wished them both well <br />